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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Michael Voris on Pope's Condom Statement


Anonymous said...

THE problem is being completely ignored here. There is NO GOOD PERIOD on the part of the agent committing sexually perverse acts in his conjectured recognition that condom usage might prevent the transmission of AIDS so that his morally reprehensible acts that cry out to Heaven for vengeance may be "more safely" performed! The mere suggestion is heretical. Voris and his ilk are COMPLETELY IGNORING this Catholic truth! They are defending the indefensible in the process!

How can we read the mind of the agent to know whether he's more concerned about himself getting HIV/AIDS or that of the sodomite that he's having perverted sex with?

Moreover, it DOESN'T MATTER because we're talking about doing an evil for a greater evil which is the justification of sodomitic acts, i.e., it is the GREATER EVIL that comes out ahead because there is no such thing as conjectured good intent, which can never be seen as same in the use of condoms for whatever reason, trumping intrinsic moral evil!

Once the Church caves in on the former, there will be a plethora of latters thanks to the devil and his disciples who will kick open a door that was needlessly cracked by the Pope.

The Private Opinions Of Popes Do NOT Catholic Dogma Make

- Gary L. Morella

Anonymous said...

"The Private Opinions Of Popes Do NOT Catholic Dogma Make". Exactly Mr. Morella, but Dogmas just like private opinions can be taken of context especially by people who have an embedded bias in their hearts. Mr. Morella has a bias against the Pope.