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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Redirect CCHD Money to Catholic Schools!

I received an email letter today that I've printed below and it gave me an idea. Without a good education, many are condemned to lifelong poverty. So instead of putting money in the collection basket this week for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, donate instead to a faithful Catholic school serving the poor. If we really want to end poverty (the stated goal of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development), educating the children of the poor is a powerful way to do it.

Not a penny to community organizers - every cent to grants to make Catholic schools affordable for the poor. In inner cities Catholic schools are often the only alternative to failing public schools that put out functional illiterates. The $200 million dished out over the past 40 years by CCHD and funnelled into community organizing groups like ACORN was often spent to undermine Catholic teaching. Think of the impact if that money had instead been used to educate young people to be the future leaders in their communities as well as exposing them to the truths of the Catholic faith. 

And now the letter:

To whom it may concern,

I attended a meeting on Monday evening with about a couple of hundred others including Mayor Amicone, Councilwoman Gronowski, Councilman Murtagh among others. This meeting concerned the designation by the Archdioces of NY of Christ the King,school, Yonkers (along with St. Bartholemew and St. Mary locally) as "At Risk" of closing due to the Archdiocese possibly ending subsidy.

The Catholic Church has a three fold mandate from it's Founder, Jesus Christ, to teach, to govern and to sanctify. Clearly, the idea of closing schools in order to strengthen them is Newspeak and has no foundation in reality. One of the questions that evening was "Where is the money from the Cardinal's Appeal? If it went to the needy-tell them we need it!"

Those funds may be long gone, however this Sunday(Nov 21st) the Church will ask everyone to contribute in a second collection to something called the "Catholic Campaign for Human Development"or CCHD. Ostensibly this money is for the poor. However, it's real purpose is funding Socialist community orginizations which "empower" people to revolution along a path developed by Saul Alinsky who dedicated a book to "that first revolutionary -Lucifer!"

I would ask you to print or publicize this letter in the hopes that those who read it shall refrain from the second collection for the CCHD and instead send the money they would have donated to one of the above mentioned "At Risk" schools. Kindly make it clear that the money you send is marked "for the school".

Thank you in advance,

Denis Giannelli

The Fr. Fahey Institute



Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think that's an excellent idea. Put it into the parish schools that the progressive bishops (mine included) are literally hell-bent on closing.

Anonymous said...

Most of the parish schools are tripping over themselves to be a "public school" (Blue Ribbon, how impressive)! Having plucked my own out of "catholic" schools to homeschool, I wouldn't send a dog to these frauds, though if the school is actually teaching the Faith, then it's a great idea!