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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Don't Miss These Headlines! And Excerpts from the Articles

fashion statement for the well-dressed deaconette
"Catholicism is in the throes of the worst crisis in its entire history"
Burke identified the fact that the suffering of the faithful "is greatly increased by the betrayal of the truth by those who claim to follow Christ and to be members of His Church, even bishops, priests and consecrated religious." 
He also identified three forms of martyrdom — namely the martyrdom of blood, of persecution and of witness. The martyrdom of witness being the most common, Burke noted that it was found in those who were firm believers "in the Church's teaching authority: the devoted servant of the papacy; the convinced pastor who insists on sound doctrine to his flock; the dedicated religious who want to remain faithful to their vows."
Cardinal Ratzinger: We Have Not Published the Whole Third Secret of Fatima
Not long after the June 2000 publication of the Third Secret of Fatima by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told Fr. Dollinger during an in-person conversation that there is still a part of the Third Secret that they have not published! “There is more than what we published,” Ratzinger said. He also told Dollinger that the published part of the Secret is authentic and that the unpublished part of the Secret speaks about “a bad council and a bad Mass” that was to come in the near future.
Female Deacons and the Hermeneutic of Perpetual Innovation
What will happen, though, is the continued battering down of any certainty that the Catholic faith is divinely revealed and immutable. The sense of constant change, perpetual flux, in something that is supposed to be unyieldingly stable is a huge problem. Cardinal Kasper may be “always open to and ready for innovation”; he may like to think that “anything is possible” — but most of the faithful are not and do not.

Little Sisters of the Poor Beat Obama at the Supreme Court 

Putting this in plain language, the Court suggested an accommodation that was far more respectful of the Little Sisters’ religious liberty than the challenged Obamacare regulations, and the government will now have extreme difficulty credibly arguing in lower courts that the Supreme Court’s own suggested compromise should be set aside.


Anonymous said...

Yea Yea ......and the beat goes on. I thought the drums would end in the eighties, then the nineties and maybe in the new Millennia.......No offense to Cardinal Burke but his words are a mantra almost as old as he is, repeated for real Catholics in every generation.
All we can do is pray the rosary and hold tight to Our Lady's instructions at Fatima because we have no physical power against a hierarchy dominated by a communist agenda and Cdl Burke knows this! Politicians speak, the Faithful rely on the power of Prayer.
Pope Emmeritus Ratzinger?
......when death comes closer the mind turns to the eternal. It should have been there to speak the Truth when Sodano was his Sec of State!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can't disagree. Sad but true. I remember an abortion mill director who told me I sounded like a broken record. I could only reply, "The truth doesn't change." We keep proclaiming it and keeping the faith. We know that God wins, but not without the war in the heavens. But the woman will definitely crush the head of the serpent. And what a victory when she does -- God using a humble instrument to defeat the dragon of pride! I can almost hear him wailing and gnashing his teeth.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann I am so very tired now. Cdl Burke as Bishop Burke of Wisconsin made his mistakes too. He approved of an Order of nuns headed by a transgendered male to female. When alerted to that fact in writing by a Catholic parishioner, he attacked the concerned woman.Then she wrote to the Papal Nuncio. He retaliated against her according to a friend of mine who actually called her to verify her story. She said she was discredited by a rumor campaign that he launched which made her a personal no grata in every parish she went. I personally experienced the same treatment thanks to a late Diocesan Bishop. Priests in two Diocese reported to friends they heard my name from the Chancery. The protection of St michael came into play though as I was a member of another Diocese and the Bishop could not attach a face to the name . a friend with the same last name plastered on her shirt went to a sex ed conference launched by my Bishop nemesis .The Bishop's friend Hanna Klauss sat with him on the panel when the laity was asked to approach and comment or ask questions of the panel. She told me he looked at hr name tag and asked her to repeat her last name .Then quickly he announced the end of the session before she could make her comment. Another close friend who was hired as a DRE was warned by her pastor never to speak to me because the Bishop wanted me silenced. 17 years later she bumped into me in a grocery store after resigning her position being treated horribly by her active sodomite clerical boss who did not appreciate her obvious distaste of his hx lifestyle and pro gay comments in the rectory.
Yes there are unseen victims of the evil within the church BUT i tend to believe that Cdl Burke has done his fair share of victimizing the outspoken faithful dissenters himself for political gains. I really have resented CMtv's promotion of this Cardinal starting with the video m Voris made before the Papal Conclave promoting his election as the next Pope. If the Church is not a Democracy what the heck was that all about? My friend spoke with Mrs Heinmuller who wrote to the Papal Nuncio at the time.

This are hardly the actions of a careful good shepherd appearing more to be the actions of a double speaking politician who was known as 'Gay Ray" by his fellow seminarians.

newguy40 said...

I was ill on Sunday. I have to admit I spent a large part of the day watching old movies.
I re-watched "Going My Way". The final scene when Fr Fitzgibbon meets his mother after 45 years brought a tear to my eye one more time. The next movie I watched was "Change of Habit".
This brought back tears of a different sort. And, I realized we're living in the "Change of habit" universe rather than the "Going my Way".

More and more of my prayers of "Come, Lord Jesus". I'm reading a book on Our Lady of Akita, too.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I know that story about Burke and the transgender nun. I was stunned by the weirdness of it all when it came to my attention several years ago. We are living in strange times when up is portrayed as down and down as up and even those who appear to be orthodox are often compromised. Let's pray for all our shepherds and may God help us because often the shepherds won't!

Anonymous said...

More often than not MaryAnn!

When a former Spiritual Director has an affair with a former friend who ran a Marian Prayer Group and then becomes the Postulator for the Cause of Maria Esperanza and you sensed he was a fraud after only two meetings with him years before, you kinda learn to trust your instincts and Our Lord over the pious words and reputation that a cleric is attempting to paint himself with.
At first you are confused because some things he says flies against everything you were taught to believe ......then Senus Fidelium kicks in and you know you just knew it all the time. If you live long enough having paid attention, the Lord is gracious enough to confirm it with hard evidence.
Beware the priest who mixes what is holy and even Traditional with just a tad of poison.

"In the spiritual warfare between Modernism and the traditional Catholic Faith, the Modernists’ goal of final victory has always been most severely hampered by one factor: the basic instinct (this word here used loosely) which is called the sensus fidelium (sense of the Faithful). "

Karen said...

I just saw this on Fr. Z's blog and thought I'd pass it along.

Let's all of us take this survey and really help the "discussion" along!