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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thus Always to Tyrants! Obama Sued Over Bathroom Insanity

Eleven States Sue, Since Congressional Wimps Don't Do Anything!

I think it's time to hang a great big CLOSED sign on the U.S. Capitol. While I applaud the eleven states (and the premier state of North Carolina) suing the mad man and his lackeys over the bathroom insanity, where is Congress? Who are the lawmakers according to the Constitution? Those cowards have rolled over with every executive order. They've abandoned their budgetary responsibilities and allowed us to be inundated by a tsunami of debt. Most of them seem to care about nothing but their seats in Congress where they often leave a lot richer than they arrived.

The Founders gave us a system of checks and balances, but it hasn't worked for years and the method for making it work, impeachment and court stripping, are dead dogs. Obama is a traitor who should have been impeached over his illegal executive orders. After the Supreme Court issued Engel vs. Vitale in 1962 throwing voluntary generic prayer out of the public schools (without a single precedent, mind you), Congress should have removed the issue from the court's purview. They have that power. It's called "court stripping" and is outlined in several articles in the Constitution. They could have removed abortion from the court's jurisdiction referring it back to the states where the people could have stopped it. But don't hold your breath. Those wimps on the hill are just as happy to have these controversial issues "settled" by nine oligarchs in black robes imposing their will on the entire country.

The American experiment isn't working very well and if Hillary is elected it's probably finished. But I'm not going to despair over it because our "city on the hill" isn't Washington, D.C. It's the heavenly Jerusalem. Nevertheless, I love my beautiful country and grieve over her death throes. I invite you to join me in saying the prayer for our nation's election every day until November. God's help is the only thing that can save us.

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c matt said...

What would you expect with the likes of "Private Ryan" at the helm. We need a general, not a private.