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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New York: Insane and Proud of It!

Human Resources official hugger
It's official: New York Recognizes 31 Genders

And businesses better do the same, as well as use the appropriate pronoun in dealing with the gender confused or [he, she, it, they] will face six-figure fines. Here's how part of the Commission on Human Rights policy reads:
“Intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun or title. For example, repeatedly calling a transgender woman 'him' or 'Mr.' after she has made clear which pronouns and title she uses.”
Hmm?  Glad you asked. Yes, woman and man make the list as numbers 17 and 18. 

I recommend you keep the list link on speed dial because, let's face it, this list will be changing by the minute. After all, we don't see ape-man and trans-mutt yet. Also, since it all depends on how one feels today, you can't even be sure the right pronoun today won't be the wrong pronoun tomorrow. Maybe a universal, "Hey, you!" would be helpful.

Here are my personal recommendations for businesses who want to avoid lawsuits. Send out a daily log with pronoun preferences of the day for employees who don't want he/him/his or she/her used as their identifiers: 
Attention employees. These are the pronoun preferences of the day: 
  • Jim Jones prefers "her." 
  • Sally Smith wants "it." 
  • Georgia Matthews is "him." 
  • and John Johnson is "they."
Use the correct pronoun for these associates or face disciplinary action up to and including firing. Have a good day!
On the other hand it might be easier to require all employees to wear badges identifying their preferred pronouns. Human Resources can have a table in the lobby where they dispense badges and a daily dose of affirmation. Maybe they can even have a clown or bunny there to dispense free hugs to get the day off to a friendly start. Those who refuse to accept a hug will be sent for psychiatric evaluation!

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Anonymous said...

Two decades ago when the father of a mutual friends suddenly announced he was transgendering, a sweet gentle mother of nine called to ask about her daughter who was visiting the couple's daughter. I say "couple" because we all knew these people as devout Catholics ,then suddenly they appeared on "Inside Edition" to tell THEIR story.The wife claimed to be a lesbian and the husband claimed he always knew he was a woman in a man's body.
I digress, so the dear lady inadvertently addressed the father by the given name we always knew him by and he blew up at her on the phone, insisting she call him by his new name with the feminine ending.
An easy target to bully for the trans , since we all knew the lady to be a quiet submissive gentle soul!
Yes, I do consider HIM to be a selfish bully! (Firstly, a self centered cheat who impregnated his second wife while still married with three children to his first wife.Then a cheat on his second wife with whom he also had an additional three children. First a charismatic Catholic then posing as a fake traditionally minded Catholic while sitting on the parish board in some stupid position of authority!
Sure let anyone with money and a title come up for Communion and run things in your parish, divorced fornicating committing adultery whatever! BTW the entire parish knew it, since one week he sat in the front with his pregnant girlfriend and the previous week , he sat in the front pew with his wife and children )Now who knows where he sits because he has transgendered which was advertised in the News and on television. HE is a prime example of the slippery slope of sin which scandalized an entire parish and Diocese.

In the Early Church ONLY people of good repute were considered as Elders.
We have long since abandoned that concept in lieu of capacity for donations.
The same concept for Sainthood. In the Early Church it was the parishioners and confreres who recommended someone and truly knew them NOW the canonization process is a financial venture for those involved!
Read the profits to be made in the book mentioned in a posting below. "Merchants in the Temple" by Nuzzi