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Friday, August 25, 2017

Guest Post: La Salette -- The Church will be in Eclipse

By David Martin
Our Lady of LaSalette

The historic solar eclipse that cut across America on August 21 is being seen by many as an apocalyptic omen, and this notion is strengthened when we consider that the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette—who prophesied a worldwide apocalyptic eclipse of the Faith—received its glorious approbation from Pope Leo XIII, on August 21, 1879.

On August 21 that year, Pope Leo XIII formally granted a canonical coronation to the image of Our Lady of La Salette. The coronation was the high point of a special ceremony in which the Basilica of La Salette was consecrated. The statue of Our Lady was solemnly crowned by the Papal Legate, the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, before a vast assembly of bishops, priests and lay people.

Meanwhile, it was on the same day that Pope Leo lavished this blessing on La Salette that the Blessed Virgin was making her appearance at Knock, Ireland. As relayed by first-hand witnesses, Our Lady appeared in the village of Knock on August 21, 1879, surrounded by a luminous glow, though not delivering any message. It appeared that her appearance at Knock was an endorsement of the pope's approval of La Salette. This clearly was the message of Our Lady of Knock. She was even looking in the direction of La Salette and Rome during the apparition, as if to ratify the pope's approbation.

Moreover, appearing with the Blessed Virgin at Knock was St. Joseph to her right, and also St. John dressed as a bishop and holding a book of the Gospel, which many understand to signify the Book of Apocalypse which he famously penned. It was as if he was validating the apocalyptic message of La Salette, which stated that "The Church will be in eclipse" and that "Rome will lose the Faith and will become the seat of Antichrist." 

The appearance of St. Joseph with Our Lady appears to carry an apocalyptic message in itself, since St. Joseph—the Patron of the Universal Church—is also the model for the Holy Family, which today is being viciously attacked by the ruling fathers in Rome. It is no secret that since the election of Pope Francis in 2013, there has been a concerted effort underway to dissolve marriage and dignify cohabitation, and to strengthen this infidelity by allowing divorced people living in adultery to receive Communion. (Amoris Laetita) Cardinal Carlo Caffara reported that Sr. Lucy of Fatima told him that "the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family"  (Voce di Padre Pio, March 2008), and Lucy's words are certainly being fulfilled in our time.

Rome indeed has "become the seat of Antichrist," referencing the diabolical disorientation that now deludes the Vatican hierarchy. The Church in our time has truly lapsed into spiritual darkness unto the misguiding of the modern world, as prophesied by Our Lady at La Salette: "The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay."

Much of this spiritual diminution has come through the errors of Communism that have now spread throughout the world. Our Lady of Fatima warned that if Russia was not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, the same would later emerge as a global power to deceive the west with "the operation of error to believe lying." (2 Thess. 2:10)

This too is ominously tied to August 21, since this is the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary—the same Immaculate Heart to which Russia was never consecrated. And to think that the historic solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, occurred during the centennial of Our Lady's apparitions at Fatima! 

Our Lady's prediction at Fatima has come to pass right on target, even to the point that Rome is now advancing the communistic one-world agenda of Antichrist. With this, we have seen the universal implementation of Marxist principles [spiritual clench fist], through which the laity has been empowered to undermine hierarchical authority and assume priestly functions as lectors and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. The ugly hand of Communism has truly reached in to desecrate the Body of Christ, which all ties with the La Salette prophecy that the spirit of Antichrist would reign in the Eternal City.

The rare solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, is certainly a sign of the times, but it could very well portend to a total world eclipse that is coming. Already the pestilent cloud of Socialism is obscuring the light throughout the Church and world, but without a concerted effort on the part of the Vatican hierarchy to uphold the light of tradition, the world will go into total darkness, whereby it will truly "be in dismay."

The best we can do is to keep our candles lit in the darkness and let this light shine before men. (Mt. 5:16) Our Lady at La Salette offered the remedy to offset the darkness of these times, when she said: "Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all times."


Chriss Rainey said...

My advice to all is to read all works on this subjuct by John Salza and Antonio Socci. And resist what is referred to as "Fatima Today". This name is actually a giant public relations lie put out by the Vatican to convince the public to move along and not focus on what is wrong with the world and the Church. What we hear out of Rome today regarding Fatima is The Vatican Line on the subject to distract from the truth which they think they can hide.

I cringe when I hear it said that "communism has fallen." Anyone who falls for such a statement I can only guess, knows nothing about communism. There is far more to it than the USSR, which simply disorganized and peacefully regrouped! This was done not in defeat but to maximize an even more sinister plot than revolution. The plan now is total world government and complete indifferentism among all religious leaders that will willingly go along---including those currently in positions of power in Rome.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Communism - the political entity of the devil. Islam - the religion of the devil. Of the two, Islam will win. I'm still amazed that people continue to know more than Saint JP the Great, Sister Lucy and the Blessed Mother who said that Heaven had accepted the Consecration by JPII.

As Russia is becoming more Christian due to the Consecration, America is deluged by Communism. However, some friends just returned from Canada, traveling there from sea to sea - Nova Scotia to British Columbia, said that Muslims are EVERYWHERE in Canada. Soon coming our way.

While Catholics continue to fight over the Consecration which was done 33 years ago, they ignore, as if blind, the battle to come. Christians in the Middle East and Maghreb aren't arguing over the Consecration. They're being slaughtered by a 1400 year old, yet still current, threat. And while they're being butchered I'm sure the last thought on their mind is not, "I'm dead because the Consecration of Russia wasn't done!"

No, it will be due to the fact that Catholics are sidelined by concentrating their energies and still fighting among themselves on something already done. They have removed themselves from the real subject of greatest danger - Islam. Is this intentional? They don't want to face Islam? Another bloody crusade? It will either be that or living under Sharia law which will also engulf Communism. Islam will not tolerate the trash of Communism.

Therefore, move forward and engage the moment of today and all the evils it brings. Yesterday has been taken care of.

Jonathan D'Souza said...


The Consecration of Russia was never done. This is a fact.

The requirements of the Consecration requested by none other than God Almighty Himself through Our Lady of Fatima were that:
- It be done by the Pope
- It would involve all the world's Catholic Bishops un union with the Pope simultaneously performing the Consecration.
- It be specifically Russia as the sole object of the consecration
- It be an act of reparation for Russia's specific sins and errors

This is because:
- Russia's first sin and error is the schism of the Orthodox Bishops from the Pope, hence why the bishops should join the Pope as a demonstration.
- Russia was at that time the world Communist Power
- Russia was aiding the Communist/Socialist movement worldwide
- Russia to prop up Communism was spreading erroneous doctrines of Evolution, hatred of the Church, Atheism, Equalism, hatred of the Patriarchial Family, abortion etc.
- God intended to use Russia specifically as His chosen vehicle to bless the world, if not, He would use it to chastise the world. Just as a Baptism, Exorcism or Anointing must make the object specific, so too Russia had to be the explicit in order to work.
- The public nature of the Pope and Bishops doing so would bring about a miraculous conversion just as in Mexico under Our Lady of Guadalupe and also as a mini-example the effects of the Consecration of Portugal, which would demonstrate to the world the True Religion.
- The Conversion would be to none other than the Holy Catholic Church. NOT SCHISMATIC ORTHODOXY. NOT PROTESTANT CHRISTIANITY. NOT DEMOCRATIC AMERICANISM.

The Consecration of Russia never occurred because every Pope from Pius XI to John Paul II either consecrated Russia without the world's Bishops, or merely did World Consecrations.

Jonathan D'Souza said...

Susan - part 2,

The people of Russia are still largely secular, with many crimes against God such as pornography, homosexuality, widespread abortion etc tolerated to such an extent that it exceeds Russia under Communism itself which God was not pleased with at the time. Why should God be pleased now? The people have not converted, and Catholicism is largely irrelevant. And we can still see the threat of war and tensions alive today that exceed the tensions during the Cold War, which is what brings me to the next crucial point -

You have misread the Islamic situation because you've failed to consider the bigger picture. The resurgence of Militant Islam we see today began during the Cold War period when America propped it up as a proxy army to fight the Soviets. Osama Bin Laden was a man and Al Qeda an outfit begun by the CIA originally. This is still the same playbook today. ISIS and jihadi rebels were armed, funded and propped up by the American Empire in a proxy war against Russia to stave off its rise as a world power that rivals its economic and monetary interests in Europe the Middle East and Asia. Obama and Hillary Clinton were the prime rascals to raised up these Jihadi fighters against the advice of American generals who pretty much told them that the situation today would be exactly what they'd create.

Islam is nothing but a dog on a leash in a larger power game between the U.S./Globalists and Russia/China that is either through weaponized military strength to overthrow governments in the region and divide and control resources, or through weaponizing people themselves through mass immigration to change the landscape of Europe and keep them dependent. A tactic that Stalin used through mass Russian immigration into the Ukraine which is what has inevitably played a part in the legal succession of Crimea and the current tensions between the breakaway northern provinces. Add to it, while the U.S. uses hardline Islamic Jihadis, the other moderate Muslim nations and leaders are forming stronger ties to Russia to combat it.

It is all part and parcel of the Message of Fatima as we see Sr. Lucia saying that even the U.S. would turn Communist as more and more the U.S. is instituting socialism under Health Care initiatives and as riots between orchestrated and engineered social instability is occuring in the colleges and universities and in the streets similar to the very Color revolutions engineered by Soros groups worldwide, especially in the Maidan of the Ukraine, and in the Putsch of Germany and the Protelariat Revolution against the Tsar in Russia, and also the Revolution against the borgoise of France, the latter that Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself used as an example for the Pope not to delay the Consecration of Russia like the French Kings delayed the Consecration of France.

So Yesterday has NOT been taken care of. This irresponsibility on the part of the Popes and the sunsequent cover-up and historical revisionism to propr it up and lie to Catholics that it was done even to the point of silencing Sr. Lucia and then forging letters attributed to her that get basic details wrong is the very reason we are in this current mess in the first place. Catholics need to either get informed or ignore it at their peril.

Lisa said...

Susan, do you really mean to insult Our Blessed Mother by stating that the consecration of Russia was properly done? Look at the state of the world today. This is what Our Lady's peace looks like???

Susan Matthiesen said...


Do you always insult other people by saying they insult the Blessed Mother by having an opinion on something? The Consecration was done late - 1984 versus 1917 - therefore the peace will be late.

Susan Matthiesen said...


I've read all that before and it still does not move me one inch. The OIC, UN and EU are orchestrating the great replacement in Europe and across the world. If you want to believe that the Communists are doing moving Muslims in place, then fine.

The resurgence of Islam started long before the Cold War. You need to brush up on that as well as what's happening in Russia under Putin....and you forgot the Spanish Civil War which was started lock, stock and barrel by the Communists. Generalissimo Francisco Franco was the hero in that particular bloodbath.

And, once Islam takes over Europe that particular "dog on a leash" will be unleashed and the power struggle will begin. My bet is on Islam. Satan wants to rule the world and be worshiped in the place of God. Communism won't gain that for him. His end goal is to take the place of God and have for his own, not all the kingdoms of the world, but his own one kingdom of the entire globe.

Of course the West could man up and take care of business like Christians did in the past.
It will either be that, or we'll be dhimmis under Islam, that is if we aren't slaughtered first.

roseofsharon said...

At the Fourth Annual Rome Life Forum in May, 2017, Cardinal Burke said. " But, today, once again, we hear the call of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, IN ACCORDANCE WITH HER EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION."

susan said...

Susan, with all due respect, you're delusional.

Karen said...

Chriss can you tell me what writings by either of these gentlemen you are speaking of? I have read the Fourth Secret of Fatima. Is there anything else? I can't find anything by Mr. Salza other than youtube videos.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Gee, Susan, thanks for showing me "respect" - whatever that means to you. You know, whenever David Martin writes yet again...and again...and again...on this subject and I pipe up with what I think, I get viciously attacked. Why is it that YOU are the ONLY ones who are correct in all this. Is it because you are AFRAID?????!! Afraid of what the world REALLY IS and what that might mean (martyrdom) for you and your families? Afraid since, in your minds the Consecration was not done, that things are not going your way? You whine at the horrors of life crying out that JPII and Sr Lucy and Heaven and the Blessed Mother are all wrong because...because...who.. Fr Gruener? said so? Say - maybe Mark Shea's blog isn't so bad after all! I'd rather deal with delusional Communists than delusional Catholics....oh, wait. I'm the one who's delusional, according to you.

roseofsharon said...

The presence of St. Joseph Is significant. He not only appeared at the apparition in Knock, Ireland, but also at Fatima on October 13, 1917 where Our Blessed Mother also appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel and as Our Lady of Sorrows. We are told by Our Lady that the Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular are inseparable.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Susan, if I thought that was a vicious attack, I wouldn't have posted it. I think you know that I don't agree with you about Fatima. People can disagree and consider each other mistaken in certain areas (even delusional)without it meaning they don't respect each other.

I think the facts speak for themselves. The Blessed Mother is not a liar. If her wishes were done why are we not seeing the era of peace? There have been many incomplete consecrations and they have all had an impact. Pope Pius XII made one that helped bring an end to WW II. The consecration by the Portuguese bishops kept Portugal out of the war and preserved them from rationing.

There are many questions surrounding the "revelation" of the Third Secret including what the Blessed Mother said in explaining the vision to the children.

I don't agree with everything David Martin writes; I don't publish everything he sends me, but I think his point of view is worth discussing.

Anonymous said...

Susan,you are right. The consecration was done in 1984 by Pope St.John Paul ii .Sr.Lucia said in 1989 that God had accepted the collegial consecration.Previous consecrations had not fulfilled the conditions as had been requested at Fatima. The late Father Robert Fox ,founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate, had this information known in 1989 via his magazine the Fatima messenger(now the Immaculate heart messenger)even before the Soviet Republic started crumbling.Father Fox often appeared on EWTN and was an Authority on Fatima. Sr. Lucia confirmed this to Father Fox through a letter she wrote. Our Lady said that God will keep his word. At Fatima Our Lady did not say Russia will convert overnight or that peace will come overnight but that it will happen.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Since the Blessed Mother is not a liar, why do people willfully disagree with her when she said that Heaven had accepted the consecration?

And like I said above, since the Consecration was done 67 years late, so then the peace will be late..maybe 25 years from now. Who knows? I believe Sr Lucy, JPII and the Blessed Mother. Other people can believe who or what they want.

Catholics spend too much time fighting between and among themselves. While their attention is diverted by infighting they seem unable to look outside at the world which moves on. They seem unable to armor themselves with the faith - not talking about you Mary Ann - and take themselves out to be leaven for the world. Meanwhile we have Pope Francis to deal with. And North Korea. And Charlottesville, and our local liberal bishops, the USCCB, Communists, and the biggest threat of all, Islam, that religion of "peace and love". The devil is all around. People need to stop treading water and swim for their lives....not running away, but into the battle. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Therefore, while I'm out there with sword in hand, I need to have faith that everything that needed to be done by the Church - all that heaven has asked - has been done so that I can battle confidently.

Now if Pope Francis does a Consecration as Cardinal Burke has suggested, and he does it perfectly according to all the rules and regulations stipulated by Jonathan above and with no human errors whatsoever, and the world suddenly stops and all is sunshine and light with birds tweeting with little music notes out their beaks, flowers in bloom all over the earth, Kim Jong-um sweetly making peace, and Pope Francis stops being anti-Catholic, then I will retract everything I said. I will admit that I was wrong and that yes, immediately after the Consecration, we have world peace. But until such time, I will continue to believe JPII, Sr Lucy and the Blessed Mother.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There are a lot of questions surrounding Fatima including the silencing of Sr. Lucia and the fact that her letter confirming the apparitions which I believe was released by Cardinal Bertone was typed. Since she never before typed a letter, the authenticity has been questioned.

We all know that there are numerous lies coming out of the Vatican and that the "smoke of Satan" has been swirling around there for decades. There is certainly reason to question the truth about the "official" Fatima statements. It's hard to believe that the vision of the "bishop in white" climbing a hill amongst numerous bodies referred to the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. And what about the famous "etc." following the description of the vision? Isn't it likely that refers to an explanation of the vision by Mary?

And in view of the escalating violence around the world and in our own country does peace seem to be at hand even if growing slowly? I certainly don't see that. When Mary appeared at Guadalupe millions converted within the next decade. We are now 30+ years past John Paul II's consecration and what do we see? Peace? Conversion of sinners? Increasing morality? Or just the opposite.

Is Mary twiddling her thumbs in heaven?

CatholicPB said...

Funny that. When I mentioned La Salette (ages ago) you belittled Melanie Calvat. What a strange woman you are. Jewish?

Anonymous said...

Sr.Lucia was never silenced.That was a rumor started a long time ago.The Mother Superior of Sr.Lucia's convent told Father Fox years ago that Sr.Lucia was not making statements as she was being misrepresented.Sr. Lucia herself confirmed that Russia had been consecrated through her cousin ,a teacher,Maria do Fetal Neves Rosa,in 1989.who in turn spoke to Father Fox on Aug.2 1989 regarding the consecration.Sr. Lucia also later wrote to Father Fox in her own handwriting concerning the consecration. That letter and signature was examined by a graphologist.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Actually, Sr Lucy did learn to type.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Due to arthritis it was painful to write letters by hand so she learned to type. There are pictures of her typing.

Also, part of the deal for peace was the First Five Saturdays. How many people do that? Perhaps its our own lack of devotion that's delaying the promised peace, not the Consecration that was done.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"Funny that. When I mentioned La Salette (ages ago) you belittled Melanie Calvat. What a strange woman you are. Jewish?"

Dear TheHMM,

I'm not sure to what you are referring. I never "belittled Melanie Calvat." I have simply pointed out that not everything she said after LaSalette was part of the approved apparition. There are probably plenty who would agree that I'm a "strange woman." But I'm baffled by your implied anti-Semitism. No, I'm not Jewish, but my grandfather was once denied a room at a hotel because the owner presumed he was Jewish. He was more discriminated against because he was Catholic.

Jonathan D'Souza said...


Why does it not 'move you one inch'? Is is not reasonable for you to adjust your perceptions based on the facts? Or if there is anything wrong in what I have presented is there not an onus on you to demonstrate this? To say that one would not be moved when confronted with details that challenge their worldview would indicate a 'hardness of heart.'

You are correct to observe that it is large globalist organizations like the UN and the EU that are orchestrating the mass immigration. BUt it escapes you that organizations like the UN and the EU are precisely no differet than that of the USSR, where various states are robbed of sovereignity by decisions imposed upon them by centralized authority. In other words, these are precisely the errors of Russia that Our Lady of Fatima warned would occur if the Consecration of Russia was not done. So just as the citizens of the Ukraine were flooded with Russian immigrants under Stalin from Moscow, various countries in Europe are being flooded by Muslim immigrants by Brussels, and the excuse for it is that they are escaping war and poverty. Wars begun as a direct result of a larger proxy war conflict between the West and the East. And that their poverty should be alleviated by taking advantage of socialist policies where government can resdribute the wealth and property of European citizens for this task. Those who oppose the program come under heavy fines and social ostracization. Again, errors of Communism. Rather it is COmmunism itself, but hidden under a democratic veneer of controlled opposition parties and selected candidates butressed by media propaganda.

Sr. Lucia warned in 1946 to Fr. Manuel Rocha that every country will be overcome by Communism. Including America. This is precisely what Obamacare was set up to move towards, and you need only step onto any liberal campus today including within 'Catholic' universities and colleges, particularly those Jesuit run to discover how unindated with anti-capatalist ideas and pro-socialist young people are. Whether economically, environmentally or even with regards to society and morality. The errors of COmmunism have spread. Everything foretold by Our Lady of Fatima through Sr. Lucia is happening as a direct result of the Papacy's failures to obey God. Now our current Pontiff is also promoting those very errors and surrounding himself with men and women devoted to these errors.

There is no need for me to brush up on Islam's resurgence. Islam has been a thorn in the side of those living in India, and the Baltic regions for awhile now. Not to mention they are their own worst enemies and have been divided amongst themselves for a long while. But those same ones have never operated on this scale, and that is only possible with financing and weapons from the USA itself, and allowed free entry for the purposes of destruction by Western bureaucrats.

Putin himself declared that Russian Orthodoxy has a closer relationship with Islam that it does to Catholicism. This seems to be because both the Orthodox and Islam share a heritage that is closer to mysticism than the 'Roman Church' as they refer to the Catholics. So so much for those declaring falsely that Russia is 'converted.'

Islam has it's place to play in the chastisement. Nobody is denying that. This is why Our Lady came to Fatima and is pictured with the crescent moon under her feet in other visions. But that does not detract from the larger game. The errors of Communism, which are occurring right now and within which the Islamic atrocities are occurring.

Jonathan D'Souza said...

Susan and Anonymous @12:25

Pope John Paul II performed several consecration attempts on-

June 7th, 1981 - World Consecration. No mention of Russia. This occurred nearly a month after the assassination attempt on John Paul II.

May 13th, 1982 - World Consecration at Fatima. No mention of Russia. No participation by the world's bishops because the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Portalupi, purposely omitted this part of Lucia's instructions to John Paul II at the suggestion of Bishop Dom Alberto Cosme Amaral.

March 25th, 1984 - World Consecration, additional vague mention of "enlightening" "the people" whom Our Lady was "awaiting our consecration and confiding", no participation by the bishops. 3 hours later, John Paul II would pray once again that Our Lady bless “those peoples for whom You Yourself are awaiting our act of consecration and entrusting.” This was reported in L'Osservatore Romano on March 26th and on the 27th. So John Paul II himself was publicly stating that Our Lady was still awaiting that Consecration which was still not done on March 25th 1984.

Oct 8th 2000 - World Consecration, technically an 'entrustment', no mention of Russia.


Here are the number of times Sr, Lucia denied the Consecration was done and explained why -

May 12th, 1982 - Article by Fr. Umberto Maria Pasquale in L'Osservatore Romano, having known and corresponded with Sr. Lucia since 1939, is told by Sr, Lucia that Our Lady never asked for any 'world consecrations', but only for Russia. The article included a hand-written note by Sr. Lucia attesting to this conversation. This is why the next day John Paul II was attempting another Consecration.

September 1985 - in a Sol de Fatima magazine interview with the Spanish Blue Army, Sr. Lucia said the Consecration of Russia was not one in 1984 because Russia was not the object of the Consecration and the world's Catholic Bishops did not participate.

July 20th, 1987 - It was as late as this time that Sr. Lucia was publicly stating on the record that the Consecration was not done. This she did to the journalist Enrico Romero when she was out in public with her other convent sisters to participate in a local election under command of her superiors.

Later Sr. Lucia would be silenced under her vow of obedience, cut off from public enquiry under the pretext that she was a cloistered nun, though she was already in the cloister for all this time and was giving interviews and written correspondence. Only select people under the Vatican Secretaries of State Cardinal Sodano and then Cardinal Bertone were allowed access to her. and this is where many forged letters and interviews originated without independent verification.

Jonathan D'Souza said...

Susan and Anonymous contd.

When the official cover up began -

It seems that around 1989 that powerful individuals in the Vatican, the same one which we know today has been laundering money, is infiltrated with homosexuals and liberation theology communists, having gay orgies and consuming cocaine, began pressuring individuals and organizations to support the 1984 Consecration as being sufficient.

It was at this time that letters were circulated supposedly typed and signed by Sr. Lucia claiming the Consecration was done or 'accepted by heaven' whatever that means... because even if John Paul II consecrated Czechslovakia instead, there's no reason Heaven wouldn't accept the Pope's prayers and intentions whether it be a specific nation or the world, but it still would not meet the requirements that Sr. Lucia for 60 years insisted upon which I'd provided above. These letters also contained several factual errors that Lucia would not have made.

With regards to Sr. Lucia typing, it was on the testimony of her own sister Carolina in 1990 that she didn't know how to type and that nobody should pay attention to any type-written letters claiming to be form her. SO if you have pictures, from what date are they and do they feature the supposed 'Sr. Lucia' double who bears no resemblance to that actual Sr. Lucia?

In 1991, John Paul II met with Sr. Lucia, and no statements were released by either one of them with regards to the Consecration. John Paul II would reattempt it later in 2000, but this was more an entrustment than a Consecration.

In October 1992, at a conference at the Fatima Shrine, Fr. Robert Fox and Fr. Luis Kondor and Fr. Luciano Guerra were confronted in public in front of many witnesses by the Fatima biographer Frere Francois de Marie des Agnes who accused them of being the authors of 5 fraudulent letters attributed to Sr. Lucia in 1989 and 1990. Not one of them denied the charges levelled against them of fraud and forgery, only declaring that Frere Francois "had no heart" because he humiliated them in public with the truth like this.

Secret interviews allegedly conducted by Cardinal Bertone with Sr. Lucia would continue to come out revealing little, explaining nothing, in a language Sr, Lucia didn't speak with no Portuguese version, but stating the same party line, amongst other things and discrepancies. Cardinal Bertone has been thoroughly exposed by Journalist Antonio Socci amongst other scandals revolving around him with regards to gay saunas operating on his property and other financial scandals.

One can easily guess why the forgers would pick 1984 as it is the closest John Paul II comes to saying anything about Russia. But again, there was never ever any participation by the world's bishops. Even before John Paul II attempted Consecrations, Sr. Lucia said the previous attempts by Pius XII did not work either because they lacked the same criteria, though Pius XII at least mentioned Russia explicitly, but that was via an Apostolic Letter. John XXIII didn't bother and suppressed the 3rd Secret. Paul VI had only performed a World Consecration on the last day of the 2nd Vatican Council with the world's bishops present by not participating on Nov. 21st 1964. He would visit Fatima on May 13th 1967. And what do you know? One of the alleged letters by Sr. Lucia saying the 1984 Consecration was done claimed Paul VI performed a Consecration at Fatima when he visited, which NEVER HAPPENED, and Sr. Lucia would especially know, because Paul VI outright refused to speak with her privately upon her request. So the forger of the letter screwed up.

John Paul I was likely going to do it. He'd spoken to Sr, Lucia who prophecied that he'd be Pope. But he also received warnings from her, and declared that he "wanted nothing to do with the Vatican" for "the Devil was in the Vatican." He would die early in office. Many suspect foul dealings.

Jonathan D'Souza said...

Anyway, we can verify the truth with our own eyes based on the fruit.
- Russia has not converted to Catholicism.
- There is no World Peace. John Paul II's pontificate saw the emergence of more warfare and skirmishes following the end of WWII.
- John Paul II himself began the Assisi Meetings where he would pray with pagans and other false religions for World Peace because he obviously knew the Consecration failed. Perhaps Brahma and Allah and Buddha and other cultic gods could achieve what the Mother of God could not?
- Islamic aggression is on the rise.
- Socialism and Communism are on the rise through violent western groups.
- Tensions between America and Russia are at their worst.
- The Church is in retreat worldwide and is under control of the noveau theology the LGBT and a spirit that is anti-Traditional and anti-Conversion. The Church is split Liturgically and morally. The battle between Our Lady and Satan has begun over marriage, directly being attacked and undermined by the present Pope Francis who himself holds Socialist sympathies and encourages Muslim immigration, Eucharistic abuse, Liturgical abuse, Environmental care at the cost of human lives and sexual morality and denounces Proselytism.

So either Fatima was one big hoax, or the current corrupt crop of Churchmen are at fault. And there's plenty of evidence that Fatima is authentic as it predicted precisely current events and is supported by an unprecedented public miracle not seen since the time of Joshua, versus the current 2 + 2 = 5 theology and homosexual sympathetic adultery-justifying clergy who would like everyone to vote Democrat because Trump-something-something.

And no. The Five Saturday Devotion has nothing to do with the Papacy's failure to Consecrate Russia. This would be like God telling Moses to stretch out his staff over the Red Sea. But instead Moses went and spread his staff out over the Atlantic Ocean, then when nothing seems to be happening, turning around and accusing the Jewish people of not praying enough. The fault lies with the Popes, for not doing a specific thing, not with the laity for somehow failing to observe some indistinct criteria about not enough people performing the 5 Saturdays devotion that was never part of the criteria in the first place. This is simple revisionism using vague criteria that God wouldn't give to justify a false narrative to excuse the Popes of failing to obey God either because of non-belief or cowardice.