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Saturday, August 26, 2017

...And Then There Was Phoenix

As I said before, Charlottesville was a setup. The way things went in Phoenix just makes that more clear. The police in Phoenix did what police are trained to do. Clearly, the liberal mayor and other politicians in Charlottesville wanted violence and that's why they didn't let the police do their job. They closed down the rally and then maneuvered the Nazis into the crowd of Antifa anarchists and Communists. The violent result was absolutely predictable.

Read about Phoenix here and then watch Trump's terrific speech. You can hate Trump all you want. He is saying things that no president, Democrat or Republican, has said in years. That's why the mainstream media hate him and mainstream Americans love him. Stop watching the media and watch Trump's speeches. He's after the media and it's high time someone was. They deserve the condemnation. As a pro-lifer, I've watched the media spin for years. This is personal for me and I love it.  Thank you, President Trump, for confronting the bigotry and censorship of the liberal media.


Ray Schneider said...

I watched the Phoenix speech and it was amusing to see the media spin which would have made you think it was some kind of awful hate speech when it was just straight American patriotism. That's what it's come down to. The media thinks patriotism is evil and that fascist attacks on police and regular Americans is laudable. What we have is a great divide between what are frankly leftist collectivist globalists on the left seeking to take down America and those of us who want to see the vision of the Founders restored. It's amazing, because I've seen the deterioration play out through my whole life. Trump sounds more like a real American president than anyone since Reagan.

Anonymous said...

I live in a very blue, very liberal state in a very poor socioeconomic area and thus have trouble grasping how Trump even got elected. Someone directed me to this blog so that I could see how that happened. You're right in that we have a great divide, but I will continue to do everything in my power to oppose Trump's hurtful policies and pray every day that people will realize he is the exact opposite of a patriot. He cares only about himself and his image and nothing about the actual people of this country. And to give that speech and then pardon a man like Sheriff Joe is showing that he meant nothing about unity and being anti-racist. His actions and his twitter rants show his true personality. He's gas lighting you. I only wish you could see it. Bless your hearts.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Let's see. I'll bet you are pro-choice, a Planned Parenthood supporter, and pro-open borders. Trump's actions reinstituting the Mexico City policy defunding foreign abortions and the U.N. population fund have already saved many babies in the third world -- you know the poor blacks targeted by the white elitists. Margaret Sanger called them human weeds. As champions of Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand through all nine months and even after birth -- Clinton and Obama were the most racist politicians in recent history. Black and Hispanic babies are killed at a much greater rate than whites.

As for Sheriff Joe, his arrest was politically motivated. He refused to stop arresting ILLEGAL ALIENS invading the country. What don't you understand about ILLEGAL?

I'm sure this is falling on deaf ears, because liberals never let facts get in the way of their opinions. But Trump is going directly to the people and his message resonates because he doesn't just talk, he acts. And he has all the right enemies. I don't agree with everything he says or does, but I'm sure glad he's in office and not Hillary. And a lot of babies will grow up to vote who would be killed under a Clinton administration.