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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Just for Fun! A Fashion Blog with Photo Flair.

No train rides these days, but plenty of scope
for the imagination!
I'm not much into fashion blogs. At my age the only "fashion" I can claim is old fashioned. Having said that, I do visit one fashion blog regularly, Mommy in Flats. The "look" might have been mine fifty years and forty pounds ago, but not today.

So why am I regular visitor?

Because the "mommy in flats" is my daughter and her husband snaps the impressive photos which are often taken at sites around the small Shenandoah valley towns near Interstate 81.

At. Camp Kreitzer: pretty in pink
with pastel hives in the background
I was particularly impressed by Jonathan's photos taken by the railroad tracks in Winchester, and my immediate thought was -- Wow! This would be a great venue for a senior picture shoot. What a metaphor for embarking on a new journey in life! With two grandkids starting their senior year in high school, I'll suggest Jonathan as the perfect photo journalist for their kids' pictures. And wouldn't it be fun to do them together since they've been friends forever (or almost eighteen years).

Take a look at this lovely spot in Winchester, the end of the line where the trains rarely run, but adventures continue. And check out Jamie's blog to see other local sights.

Camp Kreitzer is featured in many of them -- including our pastel-colored beehives which always make me think of Easter eggs.

The Shenandoah Valley is a little bit of heaven, like the song almost says: Almost Heaven -- Western Virginia. Come visit. You may decide to stay like we did.

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