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Friday, January 3, 2020

ISLAMSPLAINING: Explaining. Islam. To. You. Once. Again.

The fruit of Islam in the world
Is Jesus the first Islamic Palestinian martyr therefore in heaven with 72 virgins having eternal sex with them? 

Do we realize that the alarming worldwide influx of killing of Jews is due to the spread and globalization of Islam and its vicious deeply rooted hatred of Jews? 

How many know that, with the new interstate from Orlando emptying out into our semi-rural area, there is suddenly a new mosque in our town on the same street as the Catholic Church? 

Currently in a small ramshackle building, Muslims will eventually rent a bigger building, after which they will purchase land and build a large mosque. Next comes demands for sharia law...followed by killing of Jews. How many Christians will rush to the new Islamic Center ("prayer space for women in completely separate prayer hall") wanting to hold interfaith meetings? 

In order that we not become useful idiots please read, examine and research this lesson on Islam 101.

Allah is Lucifer. Lucifer is Allah. They are one and the same. Islam is the established religion of Lucifer where he sets himself up, disguised as Allah, to be worshiped as the one true God in place of the Holy Trinity. Muhammad is Lucifer's prophet. Muhammad's "Gabriel" isn't the real St Gabriel the Archangel as Muhammad was fooled into thinking. Muhammad's "Gabriel" was/is Lucifer making himself appear as St Gabriel the Archangel. Lucifer, appearing as Gabriel, beat the terrified Muhammad into submission in the cave on Hira. He literally beat the Quran into Muhammad. That's where the word Islam comes from - it means submission. Submission to Lucifer.

Once we z
ero in on the demonic origins of Islam in the Cave on Hira, the rest easily falls into place like pieces of a puzzle locked together. No doubt remains that Lucifer conned Muhammad into being his prophet. This has been known for ages - from the beginning of Islam when Muhammad was still living. Jews, Christians, and pagan Arabs knew this 1400 years ago.

It's only
in the last 70 years that the whitewashed, peaceful Muhammad of politically correct myth appeared. Anything to rid the world of God and Western Christian thought. Islam does that for the Left, for as Joel Richardson says, “When attempting to discern the primary spiritual source of Islam, it is essential to see not only the dark nature of the initial seed but even more so its ultimate vision for the future – its fully mature fruit – as the demonic anti-biblical revelations that began in the Cave of Hira find their culmination with the killing of every Jew, Christian, and other non-Muslim in the world.” So do you see why Islam is the darling of the Left and its hatred of mankind? Islam will do the dirty work for the Left and all those blissfully unaware that when Islam becomes primary in all nations, the Left will be the first people killed by Muslims under Sharia law. Leftist fools...better known as useful idiots. This is the same thought process of leftist liberal priests. They think that if they are liberal they will not be persecuted, not be killed. Fools again. Evil does not care that they are liberals. They are priests of Almighty God bearing the indelible priestly character of Christ, therefore must be killed regardless of heretical theological thought.

Compare this photo to the mantra of
"Islam is a religion of peace".
Take the foolish feminists and their evil silence on the mistreatment of women in Islam. Islam is an Iron Curtain known as "what happens in an Islamic home stays in an Islamic home". Can you imagine always having to obey someone who beats and rapes, cuts and kills? A sex slave to your own husband? Brothers taught to beat their sisters? Women who are prisoners in their own home never seeing the sun for months because they are locked in their homes sitting on the couch all day watching TV because their male family members won't let them go out of the house unchaperoned?

Of course there are good Muslims, but most cling to Islam because they know they'll be killed if they apostatize, for in reality, Islam would disappear but for its particular killing clause. And if what is happening everyday to women in Europe by "culture-enrichers" before the eyes of the world - rapes, stabbings, indecent exposure, beatings, FGM, honor killings - what a living hell it must be for Muslim women behind the iron curtain of Islamic countries where no one can or is willing to help them.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 explains, "For such false apostles are deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no wonder: for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light [Satan can transform himself into "Gabriel"] Therefore it is no great surprise if Satan's servants [Muhammad] masquerade as servants of righteousness. 
Muhammad's Gabriel the Archangel

Holy Scripture says that St Gabriel the Archangel was sent by God to the Blessed Mother at the Annunciation. Islam teaches that "Gabriel the Archangel" was sent by God to Muhammad in the Cave at Hira. Only one of the two angels in the two events was the genuine St Gabriel the Archangel. Only one of the two angels in the two events was sent by God. The genuine St Gabriel the Archangel can be in one event only. Most definitely he cannot be in both. Why?

Thinking about it, the conundrum becomes clear. God sent St Gabriel once. To one person. How do we know that He didn't send Gabriel twice? We know this for a certainty because God is immutable. Would God, Who is immutable, send St Gabriel the Archangel to the Blessed Mother to announce the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, then change His mind 600 years later, and resend Gabriel to earth to Muhammad as His supreme prophet to announce a new religion to supersede Christianity, thereby implying that Christ’s redeeming death on the Cross was no longer needed?

The answer is a most definite no. God would not and did not rethink His salvation plan and resend Gabriel to Muhammad to declare that he (Muhammad) was to start a new religion because Christianity was not working out as first designed at the foundation of the world.

The angel "Gabriel" who gave the revelations to Muhammad and denied Jesus is the Son of God, is not the same St Gabriel of the Bible who said that Jesus is the Son of God. God is immutable. He does not change His mind. 

If Muhammad’s “Gabriel” is not the real St Gabriel the Archangel, then who is he? Angels are real, and exist in the transcendent world of eternity. Satan is an angel, now categorized as a demon, with angelic powers and therefore can reveal himself to humans in various forms. Was Muhammad’s Gabriel then Satan in disguise? Of course. Therefore if Allah, Muhammad’s “Gabriel” and Satan are one and the same, a sort of unholy trinity of hate, then Allah is not God at all but rather a fallen angel, Satan himself, who wants to be worshiped in all his attributes of hatred, killing, destruction and death. Islam!

Muhammad says he was a direct descendant of Ishmael, however, how did he know this? Were birth records kept by nomads 1400 years ago for the 3000 years since Ishmael was born to the time of Muhammad's birth? Of course not. There is no genealogical, historical or archaeological evidence linking Abraham and Muhammad. Ishmael was the Arab spawn of Abraham and his Egyptian concubine, Hagar, who was eventually exiled along with Ishmael from Abraham's tribe to the desert of Sinai, not to the desert of Arabia. Besides, faith is not transmitted by bloodlines. Faith is of the spirit, not the flesh. In addition, know that while living with Abraham, Ishmael would have held the same faith as his father. Abraham worshiped the One True God of Judaism and Christianity (eternity knows no time), not the lonely oppressive "god in the sky, Allah". God (the Holy Trinity) and Allah are not one and the same.

Muhammad on Lightning (Buraq) trying too hard, 
so jihad was the only answer
But how cunning the devil is. The Quran is the "MOTHER BOOK" from whence all scripture originated therefore HIS religion came FIRST. Shrewd. HIS messenger (Muhammad) is therefore the LAST messenger. Sly. The Quran descended upon Muhammad as the TRUTH of God. Crafty. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mary were all MUSLIMS. Devious deceit. Jesus will return to earth as a Muslim jihadist to KILL every Christian, Jew and other non-Muslim in the world. Treacherous lie.

How could a Catholic not see thorough these blatant lies? Jorge Bergoglio? Cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, religious, members of the laity? Believing Islam's lies is a betrayal of Jesus Christ! Promoting Islam as equal to Christianity is evil. One cannot equate God and evil.

Since Christ founded Christianity in order to populate Heaven, why would the devil not think that he too must have an opposite religion, not only to thwart God’s plan, but also to populate hell? Satan wants to be worshiped in all his attributes and as we know, the Allah of Islam mirrors every attribute of Satan's hatred for mankind and even animals... all of God's creation for that matter... for the fruits of Islam are love of killing, hatred and death, bloodshed, destruction, cruelty, deceit, stoning, stealing, violence, lying, torture, beheading, murder, constant jihad, subjugation, forced conversion, forced marriages, child brides, the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation, kidnapping, slavery, dhimmitude, and the spread of Islam by brute force. Is this the definition of an "Abrahamic faith"? Of course not. 

How did this happen? How did Satan manage to blanket the planet with his wicked religion then entice inhabitants of earth to emphatically declare that all the above attributes of such odious evil are "peaceful"? In Muhammad Satan found a weak prideful foolish pawn to manipulate in order to found his (Satan's) own religion, Islam, which is the direct opposite of Christianity.

Islam teaches that Jews and Christians corrupted the Old and New Testaments, therefore "Gabriel" was sent by God to Muhammad so that Muhammad would restore Islam, which Muslims believe was the original unaltered Abrahamic monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus with the Quran as the "Mother Book" of the Bible. Therefore there never can be ecumenical discussion with the religion of Islam. Are we to fraternize with Satan and his religion? No. We are to keep the devil at bay - not invite him in for a discussion.



CatholicPB said...

Ex Ecclesia Nulla Salus. Believe it or be condemned. Mark 16:16

turkeyridge said...

My only quibble is with "good muslims." Even Pagans have Natural Law. For any under Islam to be "good" has to mean he or she is invincably ignorant, to have never read the entire Quoran or other murderous writings by Muhammad or his followers, perhaps having been beaten physically and/or spiritually from a young age into submission. They must certainly know none of the truth about Christianity. So, how "good" can they be? Somewhere I read from some Catholic RSG (Real Smart Guy or Gal!) that if you even suspect that the Church might be right and fail to follow up on that--you condemn yourself to hell. So, if a muslim suspects Christianity and His Church are true, he or she can pray silently and privately for truth. The most I could say about such muslims is that they are neutral, not participating in really living. Dead spiritually.

Chriss Rainey said...

For ANY lie to be believed, there must be a kernal of truth in it. A kernal. Something that prevents it from being summarily dismissed. And as long as you are willing to focus on the kernal you can be fooled by all the rest.

Communist Disinformation does this. They can make you believe whatever they want you to believe, because they always include the kernal. Abraham is the kernal in Islam, but even that is corrupt because the line from Ishmael is not worthy in God's eyes. It is impure. God was pleased only when a child was born to Abraham from his own wife. And that is not just a kernal, but the whole truth. Interestingly the Muslims and the communists are long standing bedfellows because they both use lies to gain and maintain power.

Thank you, Susan, for continuing to present these articles.

Unknown said...

Islam was created by the Synagogue of Satan to wage war on the Catholic Church. Saudi Arabia and Israel are ONE STATE. Islam was founded by that same Cult of the Pharisees, called heretics by Christ, who had conspired successfully to apply "pressure" to a Roman governor to have Christ executed.

The Star of David is an occult symbol with deep roots in ancient Babylon. The people who use that symbol as the symbol of their people are Kabbalists.

The Star of David and the Star and Crescent Moon are Luciferian assemblies and all their works are of destruction and darkness.


Unknown said...

Yes, thank you. This age continues the age of Cain. While Cain and Abel are spurred to war by Satan's goading of Cain to wrathful envy, the serpent slithers by them to further his contentious evil. In Matthew 4 Jesus calls us:(i.e., step 1): "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand." Without repentance and the acceptance of the greatest miracle of the Cross--behold, I make all things new..."Nothing avails but a new creature!", we spurn his Mercy. If we do not follow Him by picking up our Cross daily to be made holy through reparation and union with Him in His Love, we deny the Lord Jesus Christ and choose against His Lordship. We must pray humbly for the Gifts of repentance at the foot of the Cross.

Anonymous said...

follow up this post with this:
I think you'll find it helpful.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Did you forget a link, Anonymous?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The Angelic Doctor on the Lying pedophilic fit-pitching psychotic Jew-killer

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Merely existing as a Catholic is blasphemy according to Mahometan Doctrine. While it was all well and good that the Holy See and some Mahometans were able to find common ground on abortion, Mahometanism is a deadly enemy of Holy Mother Church and a "conservative" Mahometan, if he experiences a spiritual metanoia, will discover that Mahomet is the "perfect man" and ought be imitated whereas if the "conservative" Christian experiences a metanoia he discovers Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who ought be imitated.

The difference between a psychotic, murdering, brigand who married a 6 yo and Jesus was well-expressed by Serdja Trifkovic (Paraphrase):

Mahomet is a combination of David Koresh and John Gotti.

Religion makes all the difference in the world and those Mahometans we label "terrorists" are they who most faithfully actualise the commands in the Koran and who most faithfully imitate the behavior of Mahomet as recorded in the hadiths.

Far from "hijacking" the "religion of peace" terrorists are the most faithful adepts of that diabolical delusion.

America's foreign policy support for Israel is the stick that keeps whacking the Mahometan Hornet's Nest and yet Uncle Sam's stinging complaint is always - Why do they hate us?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Serdja Trifkovic, who wrote an excellent took on the psychotic fit-pitching jew-killing pedophile, mahomet, rightly identifies Mahomet as part John Gotti, part David Koresh.

Never forget that when you hear of a Mahometan who has blowed-up a school, church or synagogue that you are hearing about a Mahometan saint for he who does terrorism in support of Mahometanism is he who is the most faithful adept of that Devilish deceiver.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The Angelic Doctor on Mahometanism

CatholicPB said...

Having spent months in 2018, somewhat timorously, going from door to door in Ireland trying to persuade fathers and prospective fathers to vote to protect their own offspring from women’s radical healthcare it was truly shocking to find that so many of the pro-life women with whom I was canvassing were ignorant of and indifferent to Divine Catholic Dogma, infallibly declared and defined by the Holy Spirit of the Holy Catholic Church. These were “mass-goers” which I am not, because God has “given strength to” the Adversary as he promised he would do according to Matthew and the Prophet Daniel, against my first Communion mass and Confirmation mass which was good enough for the whole “Communion of Saints” not Giovanni Montini’s “mass and sacraments” which better express “the common unity of All”!
These same “Catholic” pro-lifers stand at their New Order mass and profess one Baptism for the remission of sins and then, in conversation admit three. Anyway, I don’t expect this to be published.
For this year 2020 I am looking for some special Catholics. Those who believe with Divine Catholic Faith in the Dogma which comes not from the opinions or beliefs of human creatures but from the Holy Spirit of the Holy Catholic Church.
Anyone who feels inclined can check out my blog which is Catholics For The Immaculate Conceptions dot blogspot dot com.
I would expect women of Truth to defend the Ground and Pillar of Truth against all enemies including “the gates of hell” which the Church defines as “the tongues of heretics”
2 Peter 2:1 “there shall be among you lying teachers who shall bring in sects of perdition” the Vatican 2 “John Paul Sect being the “Synthesis of all heresies”.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I have no problem publishing your comments when you aren't engaged in personally attacking us. I've allowed your comments in the past until they degrade into a constant assault of snarky and insulting posts.

I don't agree with your throwing the Mass out. Despite the limitations of the novus ordo, it is valid and many have no alternative but to attend it.

To believe as you do, I would have to come to the conclusion that God, indeed, has left us orphaned with no priests and few valid sacraments. I simply do not believe that all the priests and bishops ordained in novus ordo ceremonies since Vatican II are not really priests and that Jesus is not present in most of our churches. I will never stay home on Sundays believing my own opinions are infallible.

You claim to be Marian. But Mary has spoken in apparitions about cardinals being against cardinals. Has the Holy Spirit failed to inform her that none of those cardinals were legitimately ordained?

I pray there are few "special Catholics" who, like you, attack and disparage anyone who doesn't accept YOUR view of the current situation in the Church and jump on YOUR bandwagon.

There's only one Christ and He's not you!

January 6, 2020 at 10:26 AM Delete

CatholicPB said...

The daughters of Mary are almost all gone. The daughters of Eve are everywhere. Full of their own righteousness. Catholic Dogma of the Holy Ghost. Defend it.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Your blog's name indicates that there is more than one Immaculate Conception (ImmaculateConceptions). I didn't know that there was more than one Immaculate Conception, plus your blog has only one post made on May 31, 2019. Plus the topic of my post is ISLAM. Other than my comment in the article on St Gabriel the Archangel appearing to the Blessed Mother, your comment here makes little contribution to the discussion.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"Full of their own righteousness."

Seems to me that describes you to a T, DB. This is the last comment of yours I'm posting on the thread. As Susan said, you are adding little (I'd say nothing!) to the discussion.

CatholicPB said...

In the interest of Divine Catholic TRUTH, I would like you to point out to Susan M that only two descendants of Adam were ever conceived without original sin. One who is Immaculate, Ever Virgin and Mother and her Son Jesus Christ conceived without sin by the Holy Spirit who is Truly God and Truly Man and is the Immaculate Lamb of God the Father.
PB, by the way, stands for Pope Believer. If I did not believe the infallible dogma of God’s Catholic popes how then could I know his Catholic popes from his Anti-Catholic popes?
“Have not I chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil?” So what can we expect when mere men are choosing successors to Peter. Thank God that he has given us perpetual successors to the one Pope with whom you are sure to have a Papal audience - in fear and trembling.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Christ was speaking to the twelve apostles, not Peter, although, tragically Bergoglio, yes, does belong to the group referenced, i.e., Judas' group. But Benedict still lives and he still wears white, still is called Your Holiness, still lives within the Vatican walls. So Benedict is...half a pope? One half of the papacy? How can that be? He's either fully the pope or he isn't fully the pope...he cant be half a pope...half of the papacy. But that's the current reality. Which makes Bergoglio the other half of a pope, the other half of the papacy...or no pope at all because being half a pope or half of the papacy is impossible. That's how you tell. I'm not afraid of standing before St Peter. I love him and he knows that. I love Benedict. Can't stand Bergoglio. My heart knows who is the pope. It all comes down to love of God - Who is eternal Truth. I love the TRUTH, therefore I love St Peter and all his true successors.

CatholicPB said...

Only two descendants of Adam ever conceived without sin. Yes/No?

Susan Matthiesen said...

Stop being such a bully. CatholicDP and CatholicPB are one and the same person. Mary Ann said she was not publishing any more of your comments, but I guess you slipped through the cracks by using another initial. And stop confusing the Immaculate Conception (of Mary conceived through her two human parents) with the virginal conception of Christ by the Holy Spirit. Good grief.

CatholicPB said...

Every single person since Adam was conceived in sin and still is conceived in sin. If God had not created Mary conceived without sin then there would be no Immaculate Lamb Jesus Christ who has two natures both Divine and human and is truly God and Truly man. Only those who are immaculate will be assumed bodily into heaven. So what are you and the women of truth doing supporting the Popes who defy God’s commandment to save souls by going teaching and baptising all nations?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I have a question for you, PB. Are you saying that the chair of Peter has been empty since Vatican II? Are you, in fact, a sedevacantist? You spend plenty of time trolling this site and attacking what we write here. I am not publishing any more of your comments period until I know exactly what your position is. And if you are, in fact, proposing that the chair of Peter has been empty for the past 50 years then I'm not publishing any more of your comments.

At present, it appears to be that you think you are God's right hand man exercising his condemnation on anyone who doesn't believe as you do with the power to say who is a legitimate pope and who are real Catholics. Why should anyone accept YOU as an authority about anything relative to the faith?

CatholicPB said...

The chair is continually occupied. Who can be so stupid as to claim that the chair of Peter is empty by coming up with a fancy Latin phrase. Didn’t Paul VI surrender the Papal Tiara to the Luciferian United Nations One Visible Ecumenical Church a long time ago. Didn’t he say the Luciferian prayer of the United Nations in the Temple of Understanding. And isn’t the Luciferian United Nations the best hope for mankind. And didn’t Saint John Paul II approve idol worship in Assisi in 1986. And the Holy Ghost according to the same saint, uses all religions in which to save souls. Even Voodoo is a religion of the John Paul Holy Spirit if you would bother to check. But all glory praise and thanks to the Holy Spirit who guarantees Papal Infallibility so that we can know his perpetual successors from his non-perpetual successors. And didn’t the successors of Peter warn us about these people. And when Pope Pius IX was a prisoner in the Vatican and young Catholic striplings were losing their lives in his defence the Mother of God warned us that Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. Faithless “Catholics” can be united with Belial but the Papacy of Jesus Christ and Blessed Peter is the Ground and Pillar of Truth.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You're splitting hairs here. Saying the chair is occupied while denying the legitimacy of some of the popes equates to the same thing as saying the chair is vaacant.

As for the pope meeting with the voodoo priests, the majority religion in Benin -- St. Paul met with the idol-worshiping pagans of Athens and addressed them as well. I've seen nothing that showed the pope was praising or approving of voodoo despite the reporting of Tradition in Action, a group I don't trust one bit. I've seen them spin and distort too many stories. At any rate, I'm not posting any more of your comments on any issue on the blog.