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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Chinese Woman Gets Slap Down from the Pope and an Ad Limina visit for Bishop Burbidge

Now what could these two events possibly have in common? Read on....

According to a tweet by Msgr. Ferrari, a priest who lives and works in Rome, the Chinese woman was begging the pope to help the Chinese people. Keep in mind that Francis threw faithful Chinese and their underground bishops under the bus in an incredible betrayal. The persecution since then has intensified even for government-appointed churches. You can see Msgr. Ferrari's tweet here. When asked who his source was, he said it was a Chinese priest working in Rome who spoke to the woman.

Note the woman making the sign of the cross as the pope approaches and observe how he is greeting everyone and then abruptly turns away just before getting to her. What do you think? Did he see her out of the corner of his eye make the sign of the cross? Is that why he reacted so furiously slapping her away. Was the sign of the cross more offensive than her firm hand grasp?

That's what it looks like to me.

Pope Francis says he welcomes questions? Does anyone outside his worship circle really believe him any more?

Has he answered any questions coming from concerned Catholics? You know...those rigid pharisees who hear and listen to the psalms: "Blessed the man who fears the Lord and takes delight in His commandments." (Psalm 112:1)

Francis appears to hold in contempt those of us who "love the law of the Lord and meditate on it all day long." (Psalm 119:97) He continuously admonishes us while he gives honors to those who dissent from God's law and scandalize continuously. Remember his private interview with Fr. James Martin, heretic extraordinaire?

I've actually been thinking about questions for the pope ever since I read an article in The Arlington Catholic Herald about my bishop's ad limina visit to Rome. The article actually made me feel physically ill. Ad limina visits are confidential so perhaps the bishops, including Michael Burbidge, actually did ask the pope challenging questions.

Frankly....I seriously doubt it.

In the interview Burbidge described the meeting in gushing tones-- like meeting a celebrity. Here's what he said:
First of all, [the pope] greeted all of us individually. We were also able to bring in our seminarians. They didn't stay for the meeting but [the pope] shook hands with each one of them. So that was a great honor. One of the seminarians has been here for four years and it's the first time he met the pope. So I was so happy for that.
He elaborated on what especially impressed him about the meeting:
The first was the amount of time he spent with us -- over two and a half hours. So that's a pretty lengthy conversation. There were times during the conversation, where I was just sitting there almost pinching myself, we're here with the Holy Father like in a living room, like a parlor. It was beautiful....And the second -- of just how fraternal it was. And that's what he said in the beginning. He wanted it to be brothers talking to brothers. And so, if its' to be a fruitful conversation and dialogue, he said we have to be honest with each other, we have to trust each other and we have to speak confidentially. This is a family discussion in a sense. He wanted it to be heart-to-heart, and we could ask him any question we wanted.
Sooo....did anyone ask the pope the dubia questions? How fraternal was the pope with the four cardinals asking the questions? How much of a "brother" has he been to any bishops expressing concern over his spreading confusion and ambiguity and scandal? Did Bishop Burbidge or any of his confreres ask about Pachamama and the desecration of the Vatican garden and St. Peter's? Did anyone urge the pope to make reparation for what happened and apologize to Catholics for all his disparaging remarks about us? Or are we just collateral damage?

 And then this:
So, it was a very natural conversation, and he responded to every question openly, humbly. [He] interjected some humor into the conversation but it was just so real, so down to earth, and to every bishop who was in that room we all left so encouraged. We knew he was listening to us, our struggles and our blessings. He offered us good words of wisdom of how to exercise our ministry. Every one of us said we left there just kind of renewed and inspired. I'll forever treasure that moment.....I'm just trying to open my heart to receive the graces that God wants to give me and the messages he wants to speak to me so that we come home stronger in our commitment to be faithful as the successor of the Apostles and faithful as a servant and as a bishop...I really have been feeling many graces and blessings, and I've been praying for all the faithful in our diocese -- our priests, our deacons, religious, lay faithful and seminarians -- and praying at every Mass for them and their intentions.
Here's the full interview if you want to watch it:

This saccharine interview coming after the abomination of pagan idol worship in Rome, not to mention the horrible treatment of good priests here in Arlington, several of whom I know personally just made me feel literally sick.

I have a nephew/godson in Raleigh, Bishop Burbidge's previous diocese and I have friends and colleagues there as well. Bishop Burbidge had a number of scandals. Anyone attending Mass at the Outer Banks in Nags Head is familiar with that horrible parish. We spent many summer weeks there and had to stop going to daily Mass because it made us so angry. We suffered through Sunday Mass to fulfill our obligation, but "suffer" was the word for it especially when the congregation moved across the aisles to hold hands for the Our Father and we were instructed to stand throughout Communion until everyone received. No kneeling for Jesus allowed! Obviously we ignored that.

 And my godson had horror stories about his Raleigh parish as well including a priest who told the congregation he would not say, "Lord, I am not worthy," because he was worthy. Can you make this stuff up?

Diocese of Arlington Chancery Building -- The growing bureaucracy!
The video below about scandals in Raleigh is interesting because the dismissive treatment of the laity it describes is exactly what happened to Fr. Escalante at St. Francis de Sales parish here in Purcellville. One of the protestors was quoted in a separate article telling how Bishop Burbidge refused to meet with them because they wanted a counselor to be present.

And now Arlington is advertising for a COO (Chief Operating Officer) to put another layer of bureaucracy between the bishop and the people.

When Bishop Keating was alive the chancery had two floors in the multi story building. Now it not only occupies the entire building, but has outgrown it and has offices in other locations as well.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that Bishop Burbidge was the secretary of the Papal Foundation, the organization that scandalously gave $25 million to a dermatology hospital in Rome at Pope Francis' request. While Burbidge was secretary, disgraced bishop of Wheeling, Michael Bransfield was president and Cardinal Donald Wuerl was Chairman of the Board with Theodore McCarrick among the board members. For more about the Foundation read these Les Femmes posts here and here and here and here.

Excuse me if I'm not rushing to join Bishop Burbidge's cheering section. And this cloying interview did nothing to secure my confidence that Bishop Burbidge will help clean up the Church. As far as I can tell from recent incidents, he will happily throw good priests under the bus rather than defend them. That is no way to treat your spiritual sons. I tell my priest friends, "Watch your backs. All it takes is one false accusation from a disgruntled liberal Catholic parishioner and you will be out in a flash."  And I certainly can't see Bishop Burbidge engaging in fraternal correction of Pope Francis. Can you?


St. Christopher said...

Thank you for this post; it is important. First, let me say that we also "suffered" through the truly terrible Kitty Hawk masses for many years. We ignored the direction given at Mass, and we did not hold anyone's hand at the Our Father.

Second, I had little idea that Bishop Burbidge was such an insider. Likely this is the reason he was appointed to Arlington, an important position. I do understand, however, that the bishop is much more reasonable about re-establishing some of the important signals of Catholicism in churches, such as altar rails (added at least to our old parish, St. Catherine of Siena, and soon to be built into our new parish of St. Patrick, in its new church in Spotsylvania). Bishop Loverde was entirely against this sort of thing, sadly for us.

A new year brings new resolve. Perhaps there will be more of a true push-back against the institutional Church in 2020. I am retired now, and ready for this.

Thanks you for publishing many wonderful things.

MyronM said...

..."we were instructed to stand throughout Communion until everyone received. No kneeling for Jesus allowed!"

The abomination of desolation
Dear Mary Ann, you said the prophetic words: "... for Jesus alowed." The Lord Jesus really allowed his faithful to receive the Holy Eucharist in a standing position to show that they are in such circumstances as the Israelites during the last Passover before leaving Egypt! In addition, you could take the Host in your hand, because it is Food for the journey! What should the faithful go from? From the Great Whore, which has all the qualities of a disgusting Sodom!
Revelation to John [18, 4-5] "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities. "
In November, I asked the good God five times whether the daily Sacrifice stopped on October 27, 2019, and I got the answer five times - via the Holy Bible - that it happened that unlucky day! Carefully read the 3rd Book of Kings (1 Kings; DR version) [12, 25-31] and replace Jeroboam (meaning "the people contend") with rebel Jorge the Apostate, instead of King Rehoboam of Israel (= meaning "he enlarges the people ") put in our Lord Jesus Christ and his rightful descendants (i.e. the God's Children of the Church), and in place of 2 golden calves give 2xPachamama and "priests" among ordinary people (viri probati), and you will understand all the drama of God's people these days.
I also received a physical confirmation of this situation: On December 26, I went with my son for an indulgence to the baroque church of Saint Stephen (and Mother Ann) in a neighboring village. We stood in a long queue for Communion in a narrow passage between the pews and the hanging ambo, and then one of the priests came and told me to go back so that he could give away hosts. There was a small commotion, backing away, I lost my balance, but my son supported me. We had to go back toward the temple exit. It was the day of stoning St. Stephen the Deacon outside the city walls, and then I realized that this priest did not come to us with the Heart of the Lord's Body (Holy Eucharist), but with a stone heart - the opposite of that of the prophet Ezekiel [36, 26]!
Why did the Lord Jesus not declare this fact - the cessation of the Daily Sacrifice - in an open text? After nearly 20 centuries of feeding us with his Holy Body, He expects his elect ones to be mature enough to judge the state of affairs themselves. Especially that for over 6 years they have often seen with what contempt Jorge the Apostate, alleged pope, treats the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in the absence of any strong protests from other priests. The measure of wickedness has been fulfilled. There is no more urgent reading these days than the Apocalypse.
Dec. 2, 2019, Feast Virgen del Pilar, Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
The Church history shows that Catholics can survive for decades (USSR) and even centuries (Japan) without priests and the Blessed Sacrament. The Apocalypse, however, speaks of a period of three and a half years!
If the abomination of desolation (Pachamama' pot) was placed on the altar of the Lord over the tomb of Saint Peter on October 27, 2019, then 1260 days will pass April 8, 2023, the Holy Saturday!

Philip Dunton said...

I wonder why the Chinese woman would, even in her wildest imagination, think Bergoglio would render any help to the suffering Chinese Catholics? Everyone knows he's not the solution to the Chinese problem; he is the problem!

Sandra Elam said...

I too gagged when I read that article about Bishop Burbidge's visit to the anti-pope. I "red-pilled" on the bishop when he never answered my letter after the McCarrick scandal broke in 2018. I closed my wallet to the Arlington diocese then. And the day the idol was installed St. Peter's on Oct. 27, 2019, I became convinced that I can no longer attend any mass that utters aloud the anti-pope's name (so that includes all Novus Ordo masses). I have been attending a Traditional Latin Mass when my health allows.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't we at least extend a modicum of charity to His Holiness -- perhaps, having his hand grabbed and yanked by a stranger was painful and perhaps even frightening? He is 82 years old, being pulled and having his hand squeezed could be very painful and hence his angry reaction to the woman who caused the pain? Instead of blaming Francis for a very human reaction to the unwanted grabbing of his person, perhaps you could at least mention that the woman was way out of line here, yanking, grabbing and refusing to let go of the Pope's hand. While you can certainly be critical of the Pope's actions and words, could you not at least extend to him the benefit of the doubt in this unwanted encounter?

Anonymous said...

I am sadly reminded when ( as head of the CDF ) Ratzinger gave either J Berry or the late Gerald Renner , a "prissy" slap on the hand when he inquired what he would do about Maciel.

I am also sickened by Ann Barnhardt's ridiculous attempts to make Ratzinger out to be the suffering exiled holy Pope.
Have we lost our collective memories along with the rest of our brains?

elpine flower said...

I hope this went through.