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Monday, January 13, 2020

Liar Liar, Your Communist Hair is On Fire (Part II of What We Can Learn From Bella Dodd)

How can they say one thing today 
and the total opposite tomorrow?
Any sane normal person whose life is based on the truth has a hard time trying to understand a progressive liberal Democrat.  They seem to be one contradiction after another and when called on their flip flops and their conflicting actions and words they seem to not be bothered with the fact “they’ve been caught” in the least. 

I want to start this segment of Bella Dodd’s testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities with an exchange between the members of the committee and Dr. Dodd regarding her break with the party and what that was like.  Many of us can’t understand why, when we show them the evidence, they don’t simply switch parties and leave all this crazy stuff behind.  They SEEM like nice people.  They SEEM well educated and generally easy to get along with, so what is it that keeps them so glued to the liberal Democrat party and in some cases the actual Communist Party of the United States.  (Don’t believe there is such a thing?  Click here.) 

(Once again, if you would like to see the original PDF file for what I have typed below, go to this link.)

(From section 1751 in the original)

Mr. Kunzig:  Dr. Dodd, when you broke with the party, you obviously had many friends, close friends, that you have known over the years.  Did they give you an opportunity to talk to them; did they ask you why you changed, why your viewpoint was different?  I should think they would.

Dr. Dodd:  That is one of the real tragedies that I think Americans need to note.  I worked with my union for a period of 9 years.  I counted everyone in the union my friend.  I gave all my time to the union, all my energies to the union.  Hundreds of people visited my home and whose homes I visited.  The day the Communist Party expelled me, that was the day which I was cut off from my union and cut off from all associations; even close personal friends.  They refused, then, to have anything to do with me.

(Continuing in section 1752)

I found that the union that I had actually built stopped sending its newspaper to me, dropped me from its list of past members; I have never had an invitation since.  I never talked to the people whom I had trained in union work, and all the younger people I had trained for union positions.  That was the end. 

If the party says that this person is good, he is good; if the party says this person is bad, he is bad, regardless of your own intelligence.  The thing which struck me was that, if the Communist movement can do that to human beings, that kind of movement is extremely dangerous.  It is a movement which uses mass hysteria to control people’s minds.  It is a movement which we might well be worried about.

I interject here in this dialogue to say a similar thing happened to my husband and me when we decided to raise objections of a political nature in our liberal Catholic parish in Reston, VA where we had been members for 23 years.  We live near the parish and we had been dedicated volunteers to just about every ministry they offered.  Things began to get queer for me when I noticed the parish was spending a lot of effort on environmental policies and spreading hatred toward fossil fuel and those who produce it---oil companies.  It so happens that my husband, a chemical engineer, spent his entire career with Mobil Oil.  I realize that all organizations are filled with real human beings who are not perfect, but in all my life it never occurred to me that “big oil” as an industry would come under such attack.  I grew up in Texas and there was an oil well on the campus of my high school.  Oil in my life has always been a good thing.  Why all of a sudden the demonization of this natural resource and all who spend their lives to find, acquire, refine, and transport it for the enrichment of our lives? 

As I began to explore the issue---“going green” on line, I came across information about “social justice ministries.”  It was then that I realized my own parish was up to their neck in this socialist work and it just MIGHT BE that the pastor and the good people I knew were not aware of the fact they were being used.  Before I knew it, I was reprimanded by the pastor and put under the status of “off limits” by him to all the people we had been friends with for years.  They sent back hateful replies to my email.  One said “TAKE ME OUT OF YOUR ADDRESSBOOK and don’t EVER send me any more information about this again.  The people I knew who ran a program called “Just Faith” were especially unkind to me.  We were now branded "those mean hateful right wing extremists that should be avoided."  

It was imperative at that point that we walk out of our long time home parish and start over by looking for a new church and hoping we would be welcomed somewhere else.   This is emotionally painful no matter who you are.  When we did land in a good parish about two months later, we were surprised to find there many families like us who had moved to get away from the liberals. 

Continuing now with the testimony of Dr. Dodd…….

Mr. Clardy:  It was that which caused so much difficulty, I take it, when the Hitler-Stalin pact was entered into?  They had them all in one direction, and overnight, they had to reverse their field entirely; isn’t that true? 

Dr. Dodd:  Well, the Communist Party is very successful at doing that, however, it takes a little time, but not too long.  Take, for instance, the question -- We were against war and fascism.  We were almost a super pacifist group.  We picketed the White House for peace.  Then came the invasion of the Soviet Union.  Overnight, we had to change the name for -- the league’s name. 

Mr. Scherer:  Could I interrupt because there is some future testimony.  When was that that you picketed the White House?

Dr. Dodd:  I picketed the White House in 1940. 

Mr. Scherer:  In 1940?

Dr. Dodd:  Yes.

Mr. Scherer:  Could you fix that month; that is very important at this point, Doctor.

Dr. Dodd:  It was in 1940.  I may be in error.

Mr. Scherer:  That is close enough for my purposes; I just wanted to pinpoint the time that you picketed the White House.

Mr. Kunzig:  The invasion, as we all know, of Russia by Germany, was in June of 1941, and that was the time, I believe, not necessarily when you were there, but that was the time when the pickets marching around the White House were called home within 24 hours?

Dr. Dodd:  I was chairman of a trade union committee for peace.  I led a lot of women down there, and we picketed the White House for peace.  Then suddenly we were told we had to be for war.  It took us at least 2 months to wash out the old idea and put in the new one. 

This is the second point I want to make in this blog post.  The communists move in lock step.  Those who cooperate with them, whether they are card carrying members or not are also expected to get in line and do as they are told.  WHAT you are told to do doesn’t have to make sense or be one you truly agree with, but you do as you are told and tell yourself the people “above me” must know what they are doing.  Notice that the movement for peace was being orchestrated by the communists.  Many have a difficult time understanding how it can be that the enemy is so determined to have “world peace.”  Just remember, they can change their tune at a minute’s notice and immediately be for war when it is in their own interest to do so.  Remember how many Democrats voted for war in Iraq?  The same people today are swooning over the idea of going to war with Iran.  


Kathleen said...

Thank you for these informative posts Chriss, connecting the dots and similarities! The reaction Bella Dodd got from her departure with the Communist party, reminds me of how Abby Johnson was treated by her good friends immediatley after her depature from Planned Parenthood, when they all turned against her.

Chriss Rainey said...
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rohrbachs said...

It is coming out that some American bishops are sending innocent priests to psychiatric gulags. Perhaps this is a touch of soviet inspiration.

Susan Matthiesen said...

It's the same scenario that Communists use when they kill the "other side".

Mao killed the doctors, lawyers, professors, etc; Stalin - that evil thug - killed the Romanovs - his vicious kill squad raped the Tsarina and the four princesses and sodomized the Tsar and the Tsarvich before they were shot - and all upper class people; the French Revolution did the same to anyone with intelligence - the Princess de Lamballe was literally torn apart limb by limb when murdered by the rabid mob; in the Spanish Civil War the Communists tried to literally physically kill the Church by murdering bishops, priests and nuns along with the upper class Spanish. Anyone and everyone with a thinking intelligent brain was eliminated.

Kill kill kill is their answer to gain power and keep it. Once a person thinks for themselves they must be eliminated. Once a person from California commented on Les Femmes how Mary Ann and I should be killed. They described how they wanted us to die in public, suffering the most horrible death, then we should be cast into hell.

That's the vicious and rabid mindset of murderous Communism - foaming at the mouth to enact the most evil horror to get their way...which is power and control of the world. Satan in all his filth ruling God's earth and its people. Lucifer - the Lord of the World.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Note this - If Communist Bernie Sanders wins the White House he wants gulags for MAGA supporters: