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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From the Trenches of the Church Militant

A friend of mine who shall remain anonymous for reasons known to both of us sent me the following e-mail about my blog post on Mike Voris' talk about the end of western civilization. I thought her comments were worth sharing. We should never despair but we need to live in the real world as Fr. John Hardon often urged. We need to raise our children not to be soft little marshmallows used to comfort and ease, but to be little warriors for good. 

I’ve been thinking a great deal about your comments [about the Mike Voris talk] and your recent blog posting on the topic of the clear end of our civilization. I have seen the writing on the wall for the last couple of years, or rather, since Obama was elected. I see no way out of our current, depressing situation. I believe that my generation was so poorly catechized and educated that we ourselves have raised the Barbarians (meaning, I don’t think the Barbarians have to come from outside our borders, they are among us…and they number more than we can count). In addition, it appears that none of the current Republican candidates are capable of beating Obama. With Obama’s total lack of respect for the laws of our nation, I can’t even begin to imagine what he will do as a lame duck president.
Still, God is Mercy. I know there is a remnant among us…an imperfect remnant, but one that seeks Truth, has a desire to grow in Faith and seeks God’s Will.
I don’t mean to pontificate, but I did want to communicate to you that I am not ready to throw up my hands and admit that defeat is inevitable. While I agree that the moral and economic future of this nation is clearly doomed, I wonder if there is any other possibility for hope. The number of alternatives are slim: hunker down here or find another place that might not collapse, or at least a place in which our children might have true liberty in the years to come.
It seems to me that while we still have the liberty to do so, we, the remnant should develop a cohesive, prayerful plan for our future, a plan to do exactly what you said: to enable us and our Catholic Faith to survive during the dark ages to come. I don’t have any more than that, but I think it worthwhile for us and those of like mind to begin to prayerfully beg for Divine guidance on the subject…and beg for HOPE for our children. And, if our prayers so lead us, perhaps some of the remnant could come together now to begin to execute a plan for the future.
Feel no need to respond…but let me know if ever hear about a planning meeting for members of “The Remnant.”
Our Lady of Hope, Pray for us.


Carlos said...

I would like to remind your friend to prayerfully re-read Spe Salvi. Remember that both Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture contain numerous prophecies pointing to this state of things in the world. The day has apparently come when those who "came from among us but are not of us" become manifest to the Church and to the world. In the "little apocalypse" of Matthew 24, Jesus describes the general situation at the time of his "parousia" which some identify with the end of time and others with a great chatisement in which the forces of evil will be victorious over the saints (while not totally) for a short moment only to be defeated by the Lord and His Host of Angels. The world is approaching that moment, the battle of the decision. Our Lord warned us not to be discouraged but to have faith and raise our heads BECAUSE OUR LIBERATION IS NEAR. The darkest moment of the night happens just before the sunrise. Cheer up. We shall see Him come with the clouds and rejoice in His justice!

Ray Schneider said...

"The Remnant" is,I think, how the Branch Davidians thought of themselves at Waco. That is a most sobering thought.