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Friday, January 20, 2012

Occupy the Womb!

I've been thinking about the mainstream media's hypocrisy. I could pick plenty of examples to describe, but the one that struck me this morning was the double standard shown in the press treatment of the Occupy movement vs. the Pro-life movement. The occupiers can camp out illegally for months in parks and plazas, urinate and defecate in public, threaten neighborhoods, and defy police, but how does the media respond? Defend and excuse. They are the 99% percent. With their smart phones, ipads, and other signs of affluence, that claim rings a little hollow. But if they are, the culture is in deep doo-doo, just like the occupiers' campsites. The media excuses their excesses and portrays them as the new freedom riders defending the rights of the little guy (except for the littlest of all -- babies in the womb waiting to be born). They ignore Occupy's connections to George Soros, communist and socialist groups and front groups, and wax eloquent about their commitment to their cause. When they surround a building and prevent those attending a conservative dinner from exiting and persecute a women in wheelchair, the media doesn't bat an eyelash. Some disabled, after all, are more equal than others. But, perhaps it's understandable, there is only so much venom to go around and the mainstream media needs to preserve it for the real threat -- the pro-life movement.

How does the media treat the real freedom riders...those who defend the new "slaves" who are the chattel of their mothers? We are domestic terrorists, violent, a threat to society, opponents of the "reproductive rights" of women, i.e., the right to rut and kill at will. And how dare pro-lifers go after that great defender of women, Planned Parenthood that offers "health care" to women, over 90% of it abortion? "Investigative" reporters yawn and repeat the lie when PP's head claims women will be denied mammograms if funding is cut. It takes an independent group to expose the lie; PP doesn't offer mammograms at all. But the truth doesn't matter to these modern-day Pilates. What is truth after all except to choose whatever I want to do?

So the most peaceful protest group in history, a group that has worked for almost half a century defending those declared unfit by an immoral society, is maligned by the fourth estate which has become a shill for moral relativism and political correctness. Someone suggested the slogan "Occupy the Womb" for pro-lifers. It's an idea with merit. If nothing else, it points up the blatant hypocrisy of a mainstream media that has abandoned its obligation to present the news in an unbiased way. News is no longer news. Every item is an editorial statement. And, sadly, they all dance to the same tune. Which is why an alternative press is so necessary. Thank God for the internet that allows the voices of reason, if not to prevail in an insane culture, at least to be heard.

On Monday, when tens of thousands march on Washington, they will mostly be ignored by the mainstream media. They ignore the silent voices of the little ones in the womb and will try to suppress the voices of those who speak for them, the voices of a modern abolition movement who have nothing to gain from their efforts except derision and calumny. May God forgive the media for their hypocritical betrayal, not only of the babies, but of their own duty as journalists.


Old Bob said...

AMEN!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I find your comments interesting. I also see much hypocrisy in the pro-life movement; namely that so many involved are only concerned with infants BEFORE their birth. After a child is born, the concern for the welfare of the mother and infant, the concern for the children and teens who live life on the verge of poverty or in poverty itself, disappears. Where is the help for young mothers struggling with infants, work, and school? Where is the assistance for young families trying to cope with the demands of parenthood? Where is the outcry against the death penalty? Where is the demand for gun manufacturers to stop making weapons designed not for hunting, but only to kill another human being? Where is the outrage at the lack of good end-of-life care? And where is the compassion for couples who suffer miscarriage and stillbirth? I am pro-life, but do not believe that the anti-abortion movement is the be-all, end-all of the pro-life movement. And am sickened by those who say they are against abortion but are not pro-life in any other way.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You obviously aren't in the pro-life movement, Anonymous. I've been working in it since 1972 and have worked with people who not only help moms in crisis pregnancies, but volunteer at nursing homes, take lunches and blankets to the homeless in D.C., are foster parents (One family I know has fostered over 40 children.), help at Mother Teresa's home for AIDS patients in D.C., etc., etc.

I see much hypocrisy in those who criticize pro-lifers for not doing EVERYTHING while they themselves do little or nothing. The woman who founded Birthright in Northern Virginia also founded a caring program called Haven to work with the terminally ill.

Reading your post makes me wonder exactly what you are doing other than pointing the finger at a group that includes millions of people and labeling them all hypocrites. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I don't know you and did not direct my comments at you personally, so why are you attacking me? I live in Ohio, have been supporting and working for the Heartbeat bill; I volunteer at a Pregnancy Crisis center 2 evenings a month; and I also work one, three-hour weekend shift at a home for homeless mothers and children a month. I was speaking of my personal experiences with people just of whom you wrote in your last paragraph... those who show up at a diaper drive but never to actually volunteer time. Those who sign petitions but have a NRA sticker on their car. Those who say they love babies, but criticize those moms on WIC. Or the woman who says she's pro-life but told me my miscarriage wasn't a real baby and that it was for the best. I AM living in the movement, but I am frustrated by those who thinks saying that you are anti-abortion is all it is about. For me, it's not even in the top three. And I guess this doesn't welcome any dissenting opinions.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You're right. I don't know you and you commented as an anonymous person, but your comments were identical to those I've heard coming from pro-abortion escorts outside abortion mills which triggered my response. Excuse me if I misunderstood. It would have been helpful if you'd clarified your own involvement in the movement.

But I'm puzzled by some of what you said. What's wrong with having an NRA sticker on your car? And why not applaud the person participating in the diaper drive or signing the petition rather than criticize them?

I have no idea what burdens other people have to carry. How do I know whether the person who doesn't volunteer in the pro-life movement isn't doing another thing or perhaps struggling with a serious family problem or depression?

By the way, thank you for what you're doing. And I'm sorry for your loss. The woman who said that stupid thing probably meant well. When I had cancer people said all kinds of unhelpful things, but I suspected it was because they just didn't know what to say.