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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remember the Plagues in Egypt

They've found bedbugs in furniture at the U.N. Now, you may think that is just the normal infestation in New York where they are popping up everywhere including the Empire State Building and Bloomingdale's. But in a city filled with God-mocking pharoahs (i.e., Kings and Queens of the entertainment and fashion industries), I think they are likely just the first plague. Watch for others to follow. Meanwhile, you may want to reconsider that trip to New York unless you take along a bedbug sniffing dog. They are more necessary these days in the cities than watchdogs.


Chudah said...

I've had this thought quite awhile now, that the bedbugs are one of the plagues. The Japanese Beetle infestation I'm sure is another. It scares me to think of what other plagues are coming.

Dymphna said...

I've been wanting to take a weekend trip to NY but the bedbug situation has made me decide to wait.

Anonymous said...

Bedbugs are everywhere. This is due to stricter controls on certain pesticides like Malathion. The old nursery rhyme about "Sleep Tight, don't let the bedbugs bite" has been in use since Colonial times. We just had an effective tool to kill them for about 80 years. Unfortunately, what kills the bedbugs is also often harmful to humans.

However, one can take steps to remain bedbug free, even if traveling to an infested area. The University of Kentucky is considered the "go to" place for research on bedbugs and they have a great website on how to spot, control, and eliminate an infestation.

I'm assuming your post is somewhat tongue in cheek, but there is real help agains this "plague."