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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sometimes the Pressure Gets Results

You can count on the mainstream media to illustrate press bias with their coverage of the March for Life. I've attended about 34 of the the 39 marches and I've rarely seen a fair story. The photos almost always show close ups for the marchers to hide the size of the crowd and then the tiny group of counter protesters gets all the coverage with long quotes, etc. My biggest laugh was the year they reported that there were 10,000 pro-lifers and a "smaller crowd" of protesters. Yeah, the smaller crowd was about two dozen. Well, this year was no different, but CBS got deluged in negative comments and relented with a few long shots of the crowd. I guess hundreds of negative posts calling you blatantly biased is embarrassing. I'm surprised. I didn't think they had the capacity to be embarrassed by their dishonesty. Surprise!

It's this type of bias that has misled so many Americans into believing the leftist rhetoric about "choice." Those of us who know and love the truth need to keep the pressure on dressed in the armor of God and holding our ground. So suit up, Church Militant, and never give up an inch to the liars who believe their job isn't to report the news but make it up. 

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