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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Homosexual Underpinnings of the Nazis

Hitler giving Mussolini a tour of the House 
of German Art including an obviously
homosexual sculpture of two muscular
nude men holding hands.
Homosexuals like to portray themselves among the Holocaust victims of Nazi Germany. But the reality is that the Nazi party was riddled from top to bottom with butch homosexuals who preyed on young men and boys. Dr. Judith Reisman who has researched the Kinsey fraud for years, also has an impressive article on the revisionist history of homosexuality in Hitler's Third Reich. I particularly endorse her recommendation of the book, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. Homosexuality is a movement linked to violence. And you can see it in their opposition to traditional marriage. A government run by homosexuals is a government that will oppress and persecute and brutalize those who disagree.


Anita Moore said...

Many years ago, inspired by William Shirer's memoirs of Nazi Germany (and in particular by the chapter on "German" art), I got a book down out of my college library about Nazi culture. The first thing that struck me, apart from the megalomania and grandiosity, was the blatant homoeroticism. That statue in the picture was pretty typical of the samples of "art" in the book.

Carlos said...

Albert Speer met Adolf Hitler the day after the Night of the Long Knives. He wrote about the meeting in his book, Inside the Third Reich (1970)

Hitler was extremely excited and, as I believe to this day, inwardly convinced that he had come through a great danger. Again and again he described how he had forced his way into the Hotel Hanselmayer in Wiessee - not forgetting, in the telling, to make a show of his courage: "We were unarmed, imagine, and didn't know whether or not those swine might have armed guards to use against us." The homosexual atmosphere had disgusted him: "In one room we found two naked boys!" Evidently he believed that his personal action had averted a disaster at the last minute: "I alone was able to solve this problem. No one else!"

His entourage tried to deepen his distaste for the executed SA leaders by assiduously reporting as many details as possible about the intimate life of Roehm and his following. Bruckner showed Hitler the menus of banquets held by the Roehm clique, which had purportedly been found in the Berlin SA headquarters. The menus listed a fantastic variety of courses, including foreign delicacies such as frogs' legs, birds' tongues, shark fins, seagulls' eggs, along with vintage French wines and the best champagnes. Hitler commented sarcastically: "So, here we have those revolutionaries! And our revolution was too tame for them."

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