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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Nonsense that Passes for Thinking among Liberals

Fr. Tom understands the psychology of the liberal mind. God save us indeed!

Observations on Democratic Logic

by Fr. Tom Collins

The leaders of the Democratic party often rely on demagoguery when they cannot give reasoned answers to reasonable questions raised by the American public. A few examples are given below.

  • If you believe that a woman, such as Hillary Clinton, should be held accountable for her actions, you are a sexist bigot.
  • If you disagree with Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton on any issue whatsoever, you are a racist.
  • If you do not believe the fertility cycle of a woman is a serious health issue, which must be addressed by pumping her full of abortifacient birth control, you are a misogynist. 
  • If you believe in chastity, modesty and marital fidelity, you are engaging in a war on women.
  • If you disagree with Barack Obama that, even though 70%+ of all African-American babies are born out-of-wedlock, such babies should have been considered as punishments for their mothers' failure to practice "safe sex" and thus aborted, you are a racist.
  • If a police officer, in the process of arresting an unarmed rapist, in any way hurts that person, he should be charged with excessive use of force against an unarmed citizen.
  • Since the person condemned to die may suffer some pain when a needle is inserted into his arm, those who do not oppose the use of capital punishment are cruel and insensitive.
  • If you question either the agenda or tactics of radical Moslem jihadists, you are guilty of intolerance and Islamophobia. 
  • If you do not believe government bureaucrat should go berserk in harassing innocent citizens with insane and ambiguous regulations and in bullying them by seizures, fines and penalties without due process of law, you are a conspiracy nut.
  • If you believe in objective moral truths, in the integrity of marriage, in religious liberty and in respect for the rule of law, you are an intolerant hate monger.
  • If you believe it is wrong to impose the involuntary servitude of oppressive debt slavery on our posterity so that politicians can save their political posteriors, you are undermining social justice for the poor. 
It is indeed both amazing and tragic how many people, including many Church leaders, continue to choose to give a free pass to such outrageous lies and slander.

God save us!


Brantigny said...

Thank you. I will place this on my f/book

Anonymous said...

How easy it is to categorize an entire group of people! I, too, will place this on my facebook, as a cautionary tale that closed minds and self-righteousness still abound, and that shocking examples of unfounded prejudice and mean-spiritedness are, sadly, all around us.

Anonymous said...


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"Balderdash" -- is that an argument?

And where exactly did Fr. Tom get it wrong? Are you telling me the Democrats are NOT pro-abortion? It's in the platform. They're not in favor of making everybody pay for abortifacient and contraceptive drugs? They've got a mandate for heaven's sake to make the Little Sisters of the Poor cooperate with evil or get run out of the "business" of charity.

You're right about being mean spirited, but you've got the wrong group. The Democrats demonize conservatives all the time. Unless you can come up with an argument, your comment is meaningless. But that's typical of liberal argument. Call something "balderdash" or "mean-spirited" or "self-righteous" without ever addressing the issues and that's supposed to be an argument. You just illustrated everything Father says is right on and absolutely accurate. Liberals are like Humpty Dumpty -- when they use a word a means exactly what they say it means no matter how far from the reality their definition is.