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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Think I'll Pass on Tomorrowland....

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newguy40 said...


Take advantage of God's wisdom by allowing yourself to accept His mandate for rest. Oh, I don't know if that means sleeping in or taking a nap. But, if you have children, let it be a day for doing an activity together.

Hobbies/things-you-like are also good, IMO.
I've recently started wine making. So, I spent part of Sunday smooshing up the blackberries I bought for the wine I will make from them.

I do understand your comment about being concerned about not keeping the day holy. One way to waste time is to by watching TV or surfing the internet. I must confess that I spent yesterday evening watching my beloved GS Warriors lose in OT to the Cav's. I know one priest that thinks even spending one second watching any pro sports to be a near occasion for sin.