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Monday, June 8, 2015

Strange Times: Russia is More Christian These Days than the West!

Russian police and citizens stop homosexual pride parade

The U.S. and most of western Europe may have tossed the Judeo-Christian ethic and the Ten Commandments, but Russia seems to have picked them up. Maybe this is an indication that Our Lady of Fatima really did accept the flawed consecration of Russia. We certainly live in strange and interesting times. Some days I think I'd be more comfortable in Russia these days than in the U.S. which has become Gender Insanity Land.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no Russia is no more Christians than Stalin or Hitler was.
They are in great need of people, so they want to get rid of abortion and homosexuals are not known to procreate either.Do not fall for it.
the Russian pres. is not Christian, he is a wolf in sheep clothing.
He worked for the KGB and was ruthless. Don't forget the radioactive tea he gave to a former spy.
He instituted a day of reproduction.
It is not good idea to be one of his critics over there.

Nope, he is no more Christian than Stalin.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Marianne. Putin's religious grandmother really got to him. No matter what wickedness is on his resume, God is alive in him, probably thanks to Our Blessed Mother. No other world leader pleaded with international community to stop persecution this way:

Putin is not Stalin. Putin is not Hitler. Putin is not Obama.

Anonymous Mary

Anonymous said...


Putin also rid himself a woman reporter who claimed to have all the documentation to prove he as a FSB ( formerly called KGB) ordered the bombings of innocent people in a soviet apartment bloc, in order to blame it on terrorists ( his own FSB).She was assassinated as was the most recent Russian politician and outspoken activist who also had documentation to incriminate Putin
Litvenenko had been working with her .

I urge Catholics especially to read two heavily documented books ,Putin's Kleptocracy ,by Karen Dawisha and Reality be Damned by Robert Buchar

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with you about Putin, but the country is more than its leader. There are many positive signs in Russia with the reopening of Christian churches and an increase in religious freedom. Let's pray it continues.

Display Name said...

We don't know Putin's heart. He may be Christian, he may be using Christianity for cynical reasons, or both. But what he SAYS about Christianity, western culture, or persecution of Christians, is hard to fault--clear, orthodox, concise, direct, forceful. The Pope could learn from him about how to articulate Christian truth and how it applies to modern culture and current events. Let alone the useless and evil leaders of other countries. I agree with the author, for those of us over 50 who grew up with Russia as the "evil empire," it is disconcerting to see them speak virtually alone for Christianity and Christian values, while our country speaks for evil.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anonymous:

One of the things we must be on our guard against is manipulating propaganda. It can lead into great distress and problems. That being said, please allow me to suggest that you use that wonderful tool, the internet, to try and get a clearer picture of world events. I say this with all due respect.

I could write twenty pages to counter some of your statements but I shall to be brief.

In Russia, large families are encouraged, and financial incentives are given to those who have large families. Russia is very concerned about its demographic decline after 80 years of Communism and is, slowly, trying to reverse that. You will find all that discussed in many areas of the internet. Sadly we cannot change peoples minds instantly like turning on a light switch; the move back to sanity is going to take decades not minutes. But Russia is clearly and unquestionably moving to restore some sanity.

Your comments about Putin indicate that you would be better informed if you relied less on the mainstream media and more on other outlets available. But let us mention a few points about him: while I have no way of looking into his soul that fact that he acts like a Christian is manifest for all the world to see (why do you think the pro-sodomy media hates him so much?). He attends his Orthodox church regularly, or as regularly as his time permits, and he is not shy about outward displays of his faith - which are not ostentatious but quite simple. Look, for example, at the videos of his meeting with Pope Francis two years ago. When a holy relic was displayed before him at the meeting he instinctively made the sign of the cross - unlike the Pope who was somewhat startled and then eventually did the same thing.

Yes, he worked for the KGB as a low-level intelligence officer in Germany. His job was quite a minor one, if you would care to look into the details. And, by the way, the KGB is no more - which you will also discover by a more careful reading of current Russian history and politics.

Your statement about radioactive tea is unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.

It is not a good idea to be one of his critics over there? You might tell that to some of his cabinet ministers who are quite vocal about criticizing him - or you might ask Jewish lesbian freak Masha Gessen, who writes the most outrageous lies about him and life in Russia, while she lives quite comfortably and unharmed in her posh Moscow apartment. No, Anon, he has many critics. The Moscow Times is owned by a billionaire who hates Putin's guts but still publishes his paper unhindered. No, Anon, Putin is no Stalin.

I am not going to sit here and canonize him. He is a sinner like the rest of us, and Russia still has a long way to go to be healed, but it is not he that is bringing danger and hedonism and sodomy and all the rest of that garbage into the world.

Thank you for your time.

c matt said...

Like others have said, he may be using Christianity for ulterior purposes or he may be sincere. Don't know. What I do know are the actions and words.

Same could be said for Obama or any US politician - they may personally despise homosexuals and think gay marriage a huge joke, but publicly they will support whatever insanity comes from them because it is politically expedient. Or, they may truly be just as insane as the promoters. All I can go on is what they publicly say and do.

Lilly said...

No, the Consecration was not done - if it was we would currently be in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary- I suspect our Queen would not allow 60 million abortions worldwide yearly, along with perpetual war.( she promised a period of peace.)
Maybe our Lord is positioning key people for the eventual Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of His Mother.
The Russian people will never forget what the Bolsheviks have done to them, and always had a devotion to the mother of God, even in the darkest of times.
Either as a politician or as a Christian , Mr Putin is well aware of what his country has been through and where their heart is.God may have him in the right place at the right time. Only our Lady through the consecration can help us. There is no other solution.

Why would you not post my comment? Do you have a particular agenda regarding the requests of our Lady at Fatima?
Better to be on the side of truth than control.

Anonymous said...

dear Aged Parent,

My neighbors are Russians, he worked for the kgb, the lady left Russia bc she is jewish.

I am French, I lived under the soft tyranny of socialism, and in a village which was the communist hq. Wont bore you with what those two ideologies can do to mess up your life, and I am not only talking about the secular, but also the French Clergy who mainly red in my region!

The best success of the Marxists is to have demonized America, and now portraying themselves as the defender of morality! What an irony.

I recognized I may be wrong~ but one thing I know it not to trust a communist.
Time will tell I guess, if I fell for a lesbienne propaganda ( who I do not know neither from Adam or Eve) or you fell for Putin.

TMABlok said...

I learned somewhere during their meeting (the Pope and Putin,that he actually asked for the consecration to be done...the Pope shut him down.

Anonymous said...

A man who actively persecutes the Catholic Church, who uses an imitation church as a propaganda arm to expand his personal power, who engages in unjust wars, who assassinates his opponents, who divorces his wife for a younger woman, is not a true Christian. It takes more than a few token words and gestures to be a Christian.

Anonymous said...

But come on Anonymous..he hates the all that makes him a good Christian! Never mind Franco and others who have used the Church and faith for their own means..he is a Christian!I do wonder what people would think if they moved to Russia(that is if they have any energy after standing in food lines..)

Anonymous said...

"it is not he that is bringing danger and hedonism and sodomy and all the rest of that garbage into the world"

If you ask the Catholics of Ukraine , you'll get a very different assessment. Putin's trumpeting of traditional Christian values is pure theater.

Anonymous said...

that is if they have any energy after standing in food lines..)

right, and boil their own water in Moscou to be able to drink it. My neighbor told me that my sister MUST boil the water, she dismissed me...well she got sick (intestinal problems).

Putin is not christian, he is a full blown communist, have people forgot the opening of the Olympic games? He is desperate for more Russian babies, and as Napoleon realized, they need religion to coerce people to fulfill their agenda.

please read this book:

There are many pages treating Pius XII