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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Charlottesville was a Setup; What's Next?

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Wake up, America. This is the Cloward-Piven strategy developed to overload the system to cause the collapse of capitalism. Listen to the Fox News reporter below discussing how predictable the violence was and the total non-involvement of the police to stop it. They were told to stand down while both sides went at it.

It's all about taking American down paving the way for one-world government and the destruction of capitalism. The liberal governor of Charlottesville was willing to put the citizens at risk, and the result of Charlottesville is that the wrecking crews have gone into overdrive all over the country which is what they wanted. Chaos allows takeover by tyrants. These liberals won't be happy until they've made America the same hell-hole the people of Venezuela are living in. That once wealthy country has been destroyed by socialist thieves:
The situation in Venezuela is often mistakenly diagnosed as principally a political or economic crisis. It is better understood as a criminal act without precedent in Latin America: the capture and systematic looting of a state, achieved by first capturing its institutions through mass mobilization and bureaucratic machinations, then increasing control of the state through military force, as the criminal nature of the act and its consequences become apparent to the nation’s citizens. Former Venezuelan government officials have suggested that as much as $300 billion may have been diverted over the last decade from national coffers to private accounts through the currency control system alone.
And now the people don't even have enough to eat:
Venezuela is unable to produce needed goods domestically and lacks the cash to import them. The result, as increasingly evidenced in reports coming out of Venezuela, is ever greater scarcity of everything from food and medicine to toilet paper. Store shelves are empty, and people are spending significant portions of their day seeking food and other necessities. Seventy-two percent of Venezuelans report having lost weight in the past year because of such shortages. As Wall Street Journal reporter John Forero put it, “Venezuela is starving.” 
The Maduro government has attempted to address the political implications of such shortages by appointing the military to distribute scarce food. As a result, the system mainly channels the little available food to those who support the regime while also ensuring the military both has reliable access to food for itself as well as opportunities for earning money by selling food on the black market.
George Carroll, stabbed to death on a Brooklyn
street in front of his wife Christina.
The people screaming for Trump's blood have no idea how bad things can be. What do they think will happen if Trump is taken down by assassination or impeachment? Do they really think all the mobs will go home quietly and live in peace with their neighbors? The race wars have been ignited. Whites have been designated the enemy because of "white privilege." Just a few days ago George Carroll a white actor and playwright (a devout Catholic and daily communicant who spent most of his spare time helping a group of nuns) was stabbed to death on a Brooklyn street a few days ago while walking home with his young wife. What ignited the attack? An exchange of looks with a black thug. That's all. And then it was over. Particularly ironic is the fact that the Carrolls had just moved to escape the violence of their old neighborhood where someone threatened George with a boxcutter.

We live in evil times, but as St. Thomas More said, “The times are never so bad but that a good man can live in them.” Of course, good men can also die in them victims of the evil conditions of time. That doesn't negate the truth of More's statement. It is, perhaps, the good men, like the martyrs of Rome, whose sacrifice changes the times for the better. So let us love God, embrace His holy will, and persevere. Think of the impact one saint can have on a community and let us resolve to become one. May Jesus Christ give the victory through His Sacred Heart. And may our Immaculate Mother Mary pray for us.


Mark Docherty said...

Mary Ann, please continue to get the message out. People just don't understand what's happening. They're oblivious.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm not sure we can wake them up, but I keep trying. I'm being accused of being a Nazi. Don't you just love liberals. When they can't make an argument they just call you names.