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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Preparing for the Synod Wrecking Ball? First Thing: Consider yourself dirt!

We are not called to be saints of God,
but are called to be earth, and sky, and fire...
Well, after all, as the Ash Wednesday exhortation says, "Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return." But somehow I don't think the Synod planners were thinking of that. As a matter of fact here's an article that pretty much pegs exactly what these pagans in Roman collars seem to be thinking!

Five Ways to Prepare for the Amazon Synod

As Topsy and Tuptim pointed out, the Synod is all about establishing one-world religion under one-world government. The author of this article, Julia Meloni, gets it. Do you?

Here are her "Five Ways:"

1. Think of yourself as EarthLove yourself as Earth. 
2. Learn about the “new world order” and the new “universal religion.”

3. Acknowledge that our species is the “true Satan of the Earth.”

4. Recognize “the secret truth of religious polytheism” and the “permanent value” in animism.

5. Embrace ecofeminism and fight patriarchy.
There you have it, folks. Turning the Church upside down is what the synod is all about. Francis has been preparing this tsunami since his election and those behind his election have been preparing it for decades. We are not the stewards of creation as God told Adam; we are the enemies of Mother Earth created by Gaia. Julia Maloni gives the prescription for serious Catholics who love Jesus Christ and the Church he founded as His bride. To fight the Pan Amazon neo-paganism follow this Rx:
So we must forcefully prepare for the synod in 5 other ways: Pray. Fast. Make reparation. Organize. Speak out.
Amen! Let's roll!

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