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Monday, August 12, 2019

The Virtue Signaling Left Won't be Advertising the Death Threats to this Family...for What?....

....For daring to be grateful to the Trumps for offering consolation to the families of the El Paso victims. The young man in the photo below is the brother of the baby's dad and the guardian of his little nephew. Both of the little one's parents were killed in the Walmart massacre as they shielded him with their own bodies. Next we'll see the parents blamed for their own deaths because they were Trump supporters. 

The hate-Trump. virtue-signalling leftists love to posture as oh-so-loving-and-compassionate. It's the hate-filled deplorables, they tell us, who deserve to be sent to the death camps...or beheaded...or hunted for entertainment...or merely proclaimed to be Nazis because we support a man with whom they disagree.

I can't imagine ever sending a death threat to someone, even my worst enemy! I pray for their conversion, not because they disagree with me, but for their rebellious beliefs against God. God hates the murder of the innocent. But, as Jesus said, those who kill metaphorically with their rage are also in danger of hell.

Let's pray today for all those fomenting hatred against those with whom they disagree. I often pray for people on the left with my teeth gritted, but I think of the conversion of people like Bernard Nathanson, Norma McCorvey, and Abby Johnson and reflect what great apostles they could be. Let us love in word and deed and never return evil for evil, but bless those who curse us with our prayers and sacrifices.

Addendum: Don't expect to read much about these death threats from the left in the mainstream media. It doesn't fit their destroy-Trump agenda. 

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