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Monday, August 19, 2019

I LOVE SATIRE! Think I'll call myself the Babylon Beekeeper.

A few of my readers at the Babylon Beekeeper
Have you heard the one about the fact checker who labeled as fake news the story that said CNN just bought a washing machine to spin the news? It was actually a blender!

Really, the goofs at Snopes have a vendetta against the satire site, The Babylon Bee. They've been labeling their articles "fake news." Because some people take the Bee seriously, Snopes claims the website is a fake news outlet despite the fact that it's clearly identified as a satire site.

Snopes does this of course, not because some people take the articles seriously, but to undermine the Bee's ability to continue. The tech giants use algorithms to censor groups that spread "fake news." They are notorious for censoring, defunding, and deplatforming conservative sites as well which the Bee is. (Chronicles Magazine had a great article on this in the July issue. I personally recommend the magazine as a faithful chronicler of our cultural morass and entertaining as well.)

But back to Snopes which is notorious as a leftist hack site. You can't trust the accuracy of their evaluations because of their leftist political bias. Their labeling of the Babylon Bee as fake news is nothing but an attempt to discredit and instigate a deplatforming of the popular satire site. And the Bee is taking remedial action against Snopes. Good for them!
 Snopes Escalates Attack On The Babylon Bee, Justifies Flagging Satire
With regard to Snopes trashing the Babylon Bee, they deserves four Pinocchios. I don't know about you, but if a story sounds kinda crazy, I check it out. Was it on a satire site? Is it misattributed? When I read that Mr. Rogers wore long sleeve to hide his tattoos and that he was a former Navy seal, I laughed. And then I checked it out. He never served in the military and one documentary showed him in a swimsuit doing laps at the pool. No tattoos. Maybe that story started on a satire site. It was the same article that claimed Lee Marvin was at Iwo Jima and Captain Kangaroo was his sergeant and the "bravest man I ever knew." While Marvin and Keeshan were both Marines in WW II they never served together and Marvin was no at Iwo Jima. As Ronald Regan said, "Trust, but verify."

And remember -- Don't get your "news" from The Onion; it's satire, folks.

If people are so gullible they believe obviously satirical material is factual, well, who's fault is that?

Hello! If something sounds nuts, like Beto O'Rourke saying vets and the elderly should be thrown in the garbage, my eyebrows go up. He may be a nutty leftist, but he's savvy enough to know that attacking veterans and granny and gramps will result in a negative backlash.

Perhaps it's understandable that some people believe satire. Jonathan Swift had people convinced he was serious with his "modest proposal" suggesting the starving Irish eat their babies. (Actually in today's abortion environment that doesn't sound much like satire.)

Speaking of eating babies, The Bee did a story in 2018 about Cecile Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood whose affiliates have sliced and diced millions:
Woman Celebrated For Killing 3.5 Million People
Now that's one satire piece that's more truth than fiction. 

I just signed up as a subscriber to The Babylon Bee. Having articles sent to your inbox is one way to reduce the capability of big tech to censor a website. As for Snopes, The Bee's revenge is to poke a little fun:
Snopes Rates Babylon Bee World's Most Accurate News Source
The Bee obviously won't be doing a story about Snopes being the most accurate fact-checking site!

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