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Friday, October 12, 2018

Homosexual Clergy Scandal and Money Scandals Go Together like Bread and Butter!

Bread and butter and circuses for everyone!
And Pope Francis wields the butter knife!

Is the Purification of Holy Mother Church really on his agenda? The signs aren't good, that's for sure, and Cardinal Wuerl's treatment this week sends up a whole pole of red flags. 

Yes, Pope Francis accepted Wuerl's resignation. He's also, inexplicably, made him apostolic administrator for D.C. until a replacement is selected and is praising him to the skies. 

How do you think the unhappy flock of the Archdiocese feel about that? I don't know what you think; it sure smells rotten to me. But I can't say I'm too surprised. It fits with everything we've seen from the Francis papacy. Check out these articles.

Wuerl Resigns Amid Papal Praise

Cardinal Wuerl is Gone -- or is He?

Francis Glowing Send-Off of Wuerl

What kind of a message does this send? No problemo, folks, nothing to see here. What do you dumb people in the pews know anyway?

The question now is: Will Wuerl be influential in selecting his replacement? Will we get more cardinals like Cupich and Tobin? Short answer -- no reason not to expect it. This is one time I'm praying Pope Francis will really turn out to be a pope of surprises who gives D.C. a holy prelate.

Another question: Is this kid glove treatment from the pope the reward Wuerl gets for his role in keeping the money flowing and for approving Francis's $25 million Papal Foundation grant to the scandal-ridden dermatology hospital? If you're not familiar with that shocking scandal, check it out.

Hospital Grant Controversy

Papal Foundation Divided over Massive Grant to Troubled Hospital

McCarrick, Wuerl, and disgraced former Bishop Michael Bransfield of Wheeling Charleston were all movers and shakers at the Papal Foundation. And when the pope asked for a grant that beggared the grants for the poor whom he always claims to champion, the obliging clerics bullied it through. The sex abuse crisis and the love of money are twin scandals that go together like bread and butter, and these men appear to feast on it along with their choice wines and fancy foods at luxury restaurants.

Does Pope Francis have any intention of cleaning up the mess, the reason the conclave elected him? It sure doesn't look like it. There's little evidence he is a reformer. There's a mountain of evidence that he supports and approves of things as they are, despite an occasional rhetorical bone thrown to the faithful as a pacifier. "Here, suck on this and just shut up!"

He has surrounded himself with questionable characters like Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio whose secretary hosted homosexual drug orgies in a Vatican apartment that the pope himself reserved for him. According to recent reports, the Cardinal was at the party raided by police and the pope knows that as well. But one could fill up several pages with the pope's disgraceful allies.

Pope Francis himself is accused of covering up abuse in Argentina. 

Sorry, folks, Pope Francis is no reformer; he is not the man to save the Church. 

The only way this abomination is going to end is if the laity start lifting up the rocks and exposing the creepy crawlies underneath. Francis isn't the solution; he's part of the problem. D.C. is likely to go to another climber from the lavender mafia and chances are Donald Wuerl will be instrumental in naming him.  After all, McCarrick was a trusted advisor to Francis who knew full well exactly what he was. God help us!

It's time to name names and demand housecleaning. That's why I'm collaborating with Nabi. The role of a prophet is to call for repentance like St. John the Baptist crying, "Reform your lives." It starts with each one of us committing to a life and prayer and penance in the pursuit of holiness and then living out the gospel echoing the call of St. John, "Give some evidence that you mean to reform." There has been a sad lack of that evidence among many of our bishops! It's long past time for the laity to demand it!

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