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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Guest Post: Thoughts on Respect or Whatever Happened to Personal Responsibility?

By Joan Hartzell

It’s difficult to understand the angry, threatening demands of women who think that automatic “respect” status is theirs, even when they show obvious signs of disrespecting themselves, an indication of their own confusion. Respect comes from within.  We were all created to be respected, most particularly by ourselves.  Just as we are called to respect our own bodies, we are called to pay respect to others, not the least of whom are our own children in the womb.  

True and honest physical intimacy is grounded in mutual respect (this is how new life is created and that is its purpose).  The real source of the problem stems from abuse of that great gift of pro-creation and then attempting to correct it by violence to the newly-created person.  The “choice” begins here.  Walking away from abuse at its source eliminates the “difficult” choices women must make.  Self-respect begins here; this is the primary “choice” we make: self-respect or no self-respect, the latter resulting in lifelong regret.

How do we manifest the respect we have for ourselves by the way we dress?  Do our bodies reflect the respect, or lack thereof, that we have for ourselves?  How embarrassed I am at times when I see women in public who show no signs of modesty and decency in dress.  If they have so little respect for their own bodies (not to mention their souls), why should anyone else, and why are they surprised when they are treated like objects when they objectify themselves?  What the eye sees is what the mind believes.

Sexual intimacy outside of the realm of privacy and the commitment it deserves can only degrade its purpose.  A woman who lets herself be a sex toy for a man who doesn’t want commitment, just pleasure, makes herself a lollipop for him.  Not only does she degrade herself but her “love” keeps him from becoming a man willing to sacrifice himself for his family.  She not only hurts herself but him too.  What kind of love is that?

Remembrances of past words of wisdom:
In a radio interview, a rabbi states that artificial birth control makes it possible for men to remain in a state of perpetual adolescence. In a one-on-one conversation with a psychiatrist, he said that the American man sees the American woman as nothing more than a receptacle for his semen.

Ladies, how complicit are you in this?


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There is an excellent article on chastity and the proper use of our sexual powers at:

While the article doesn't talk about self-respect or mutual respect that's what it's all about. I recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary by Joan Hartzel!!

Anonymous said...

But what about men who also act and dress scandalously? I have no desire to see men's undergarments, tattoos, or naked chests. But my neighbor feels free to wear cutoff shorts that show off his Calvins and no shirt while mowing the lawn, knowing the young women ogle him and even have a raunchy nickname for him. I hate to say it but women are just as bad about sexualizing men these days. One only has to visit Tumblr, or goodness knows the myriad of hook-up sites that exist to know. Chastity is not the responsibility of only women and over-sexing is not just the purview of men.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You are absolutely right. When I was growing up there was a big emphasis for guys to "guard their eyes." A man should never look at a woman with lust. And I was always embarrassed to see some of the guys at the pool in their speedos. Everyone is called to chastity which means the correct use of your sexual powers. They were made for marriage and both men and women are called to use them only in that context.