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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How the Media Uses Technology to Twist and Pervert!

The mainstream media are experts at manipulating audience perceptions. The Washington Post did it to me once after an interview on pro-life activism. Not only did the reporter, who enjoyed my family's hospitality by coming to dinner (even commenting on the menu in her article), twist everything I said into a verbal distortion, but the accompanying picture showed me with greenish hair. So 60 Minutes' hit job on Steve Bannon was no surprise to me. Check out how it's done and never trust the media even when you see their production with your own eyes.


Mary Fran said...

This is why, we on the Pawn Shop side of Chester Street don't want to speak with Roger B or let him take our pictures. He distorts everything in his "news" articles in the Royal Examiner.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Agreed. I read one of his articles and will never read another. He especially used his photos to lie and distort the reality.

Anonymous said...

Actually both sides do this. They take the worst picture of the opposition and post that. I noticed that a long time ago.

I was sent e-mails about President Bush that had him reading a children's book upside down. I thought maybe he had grabbed the book then turned it, and someone took the picture before he turned it, but the picture had been doctored. I also got fake e-mails about President Obama, even though I would not even consider voting for him because of his pro abortion and anti traditional family stances.

Anonymous said...

Actually one of the best things to do when one has the time, is to listen to C-Span, and hear the words "right out of the horses' mouths". That is when they "hang" themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Steve Bannon's eyes were so bloodshot in the interview. Thank you!