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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Join the Small r Resistance: and Drive the Left Crazy!

As Victor Hanson describes it:
The quiet resistance — the one without black masks and clubs — is the more revolutionary force, and it transcends race, class, and gender....Democrats and progressives borrowed their brand name from World War II French partisans. In rather psychodramatic fashion, they envisioned their heroic role over the next four years as that of virtual French insurgents — coming down from the Maquis hills, perhaps to waylay Trump’s White House, as if the president were an SS Obergruppenführer und General der Police running occupied Paris. Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone wrote admiringly about the furious Resistance’s pushback against Trump, with extravagant claims that his agenda was already derailed thanks to a zillion grass-roots and modern-day insurgents.....Appropriating the name of heroic World War II fighters to characterize a loosely formed alliance of Trump resisters has since proven a mockery of history — and creepy as well....
Creepy is indeed the watchword and Hansen captures their hypocrisy as well showing how rich elitists escape the consequences of their draconian policies on ordinary folks:
Every leftist movement, from Lenin’s to Castro’s, serves first an apparat that finds ways to avoid the real consequences of its own ideological agendas — consequences that fall on the far poorer, less glamorous, and less influential others. As a result, millions in the other resistance are now tired of those celebrities and corporate activists who own private jets while demanding immediate remedies for global warming, of those in Washington who talk most of deteriorating racial relations while being the most likely to put their children in Sidwell-Friends School (tuition $40,000 a year) rather than a public school, and of those grandees in Silicon Valley who lecture the working classes on their progressive shortcomings while being the most likely to monopolize, outsource, and offshore.
The small r resistance is on the move, however, a real threat to the large R resistance:
After 2008 and 2012, the large-R Resistance still believes it can stitch together various tribes and identity blocs; the small-r resistance is far more insidious, with an anger that transcends race, class, and gender and therefore disqualifies no one from its appeal by their superficial appearance. 
The quiet resistance is far larger than the loud Resistance and far more revolutionary. Its nature is still not fully understood by the elite Left, especially the growing wrath at two-dimensional traditional politics, dreary social-science platitudes, and economic orthodoxy.
We just saw the quiet resistance on the move in Texas -- groups like the "Cajun Navy" out in their boats rescuing those stranded by Harvey. Where were Black Lives Matter and all the celebrities who love to parade and preen in front of the camera while they champion all things left? No doubt enjoying a glass of wine on the patios of their mansions.

Read the entire article. It's very hopeful. But remember to put your hope where it really belongs and pray the rosary today.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

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