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Friday, September 15, 2017

Good for Austin Ruse: He Pegs the "Pansified" Behavior of Fr. James Martin, S.J.

For Fr. James Martin:
Stay calm and hug your teddy bear.

I've had my own back and forth with Fr. Martin. Check it out here and note his several comments. But be sure you have a crying towel handy. Omigosh, he is just so appalled that anyone could question his decisions and be so uncharitable. Let's all send him teddy bears he can hug in his safe space. Fr. Martin is remarkably thin-skinned for a man so quick to judge others.

Like the men in Roman collars who transferred their loyalty from Christ and His Church to the English monarchs in the 16th and 17th centuries, Fr. Martin has sold out the faith for the adulation of the popular and politically correct. Perhaps he is himself a homosexual; for sure he is a homosexualist (one who promotes normalization of homosexuality) advancing ideas about sexuality that are in total opposition to Catholic truth.

That's nothing new, of course. Charlie Curran was in the vanguard of opposition to Humanae Vitae and its condemnation of contraception in the 1960s. Who knows, Curran may actually see himself vindicated during this papacy with the commission reviewing the document. Of course, even the pope can't change doctrine, but he can once again show how pastoral he is by letting folks believe they can sin boldly and still receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

We live in an era of heresy and apostasy when many remain physically in the Church who believe little of what she teaches and accept only what pleases them. Fr. James Martin is one of them. He makes it all up and pretends to be a faithful Catholic priest. He isn't. Austin Ruse gives some good advice at the end of his article on how to respond to people like Fr. Martin:
So, this is what must be done. James Martin SJ must be called out by the faithful for what he is: a liar leading the young to damnation and leading the Church into heresy. There must be some accountability for what he is doing. It is obvious the institutional Church will not hold him accountable. So, laymen must. 
If you find out he is speaking in your diocese, you must complain, loudly, without fear. Knock on doors. Call the bishop. Demand meetings. If he is speaking near you, show up, ask hard questions, let your views be known, make him account for his dissent. Understand you do not need to use the dulcet tones and finely tuned arguments of our natural law philosophers. That is for them and it is good. Use your language and tone and don’t be intimidated. And understand, all along you are defending the true faith even if bishops and priests refuse to do so. 
This Sunday at 6:45 PM James Martin SJ is speaking at a gay event at Blessed Sacrament Church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Faithful Catholics from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut should show up and hold him accountable. How? Ask hard questions. He hates that. 
And, all the while, know this: you are doing God’s own work. This perfidious priest must be held accountable.
Indeed! This "perfidious priest" is a scandal to Holy Mother Church and a threat to souls. There can be little love in his heart for a mother whose loving counsel he so regularly flouts. Recognize him as a man of the lie who is no friend to those whose sins he praises. When he calls on believers to "reverence" those in homosexual relationships he reveals how little he cares for the salvation of souls. Unlike St. Paul who told us that no adulterers, fornicators, or sodomites will enter the kingdom of heaven, Martin says not so and urges changes in the catechism to eliminate the harsh language that hurts their feelings. He is an expert ear-tickler.

The priest who witnessed our marriage once told us that it's the laity who always bring reform when the Church is being betrayed. It's time for us to act like the Church Militant - to stand up against men like Fr. James Martin who are perverting the faith. A huge thank you to Austin Ruse for his clear proclamation of Catholic truth against the lies of a false shepherd.


Gigi said...

Read it very early this morning - a great piece! I say Right On Austin Ruse! It's difficult to stay "uplifted" these days with what's happening in Rome. Frs. Martin and Rosica should be laicized. They are definitely not teaching the Faith. It's so disheartening. I just keep reminding myself that it is in the Lord's hands and I trust Him. Thus, I plod on in my miniscule ministries trying to teach the Truth.

Anonymous said...

He, like Archdiocese of Washington Cardinal Wuerl and so many other clerics, is a FrancisChurch heretic.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't like Father Martin, but I bought and read his book to help me build a bridge with my homosexual grandchild. I found that it had good advice for being consistent in our charitable criticism. So I tell my divorced daughter living with her boyfriend that she's in the same situation as her nephew living with his boyfriend. Really, it has some good advice for taking people where they are, using the right words, and trying to bring them back to God. BLess.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with you (and perhaps Fr. Martin) about consistent behavior. Condoning sexual immorality whether homosexual or heterosexual is wrong. St. Paul reminds us that no fornicators, adulterers or sodomites will enter the kingdom of heaven unless they repent.

As for not liking Fr. Martin, it is not about feelings of like or dislike for him as a person, it is disliking what he is doing, recognition that he is misleading souls and encouraging their evil behavior. He doesn't just do that with homosexuality, but with coddling the behavior of some of the most scandalous Catholics in the church, for example, Sr. Jeannine Gramick.

I pray for Fr. Martin and recently arranged for a Mass to be said for him. We are all sinners, but those who commit public scandal are in particular danger.