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Friday, September 22, 2017

Sir Mohammed Churchill and the new Evie Littlechap

Sir Winston Churchill would be appalled to know that the top baby name listed for London and Britain's West Midlands is "Muhammad" - in all its various spellings: Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohammad, not to mention Hamid, Ahmad, Mahmoud, Mehmet and Mohamed. I'm not certain where the name "Winston" is on the list, or Desmond or Clive, or even William or Harry. Sir Winston wasn't enamored of Islam therefore no serious Muslim would name their baby boy after him.

Islam creeps in under the disguise of "friendly peaceful poor Muslim refugees escaping Islamic countries hell holes." This - the Islamification of the West by immigration - is called Demographic Jihad which is what's happening in England and Germany, Sweden and Norway and Finland and France and Denmark and Belgium and Spain and Italy. All of the former Christian West including Canada and soon the USA.

Why is Europe, especially England and Germany, cooperating in their own cultural demise? Do they have collective guilt, England's being the predatory colonial past of their empire and Germany's the Holocaust?  Does England take in countless Muslims to prove that Great Britain really is globally oriented and not predatory? Does Germany do likewise because of collective guilt over the Holocaust? If so, it seems rather perverse of Germany that to atone for the treatment of the Jews, the Germans are inviting in hundreds of thousands of Muslims who will, given the chance, treat the Jews even more savagely than did the Nazis. Does Christian Europe not see that ISLAM itself is PREDATORY?!

A typically English Evie Littlechap
Admittedly, England and Germany should not think they are superior to anybody, but they SHOULD think that Christianity is far superior to Islam, Christianity being founded by God, Islam by demonic forces of evil. 

England takes in millions of Muslims, giving them a full living allowance and permitting them to have several wives making babies with them all. The British are forced to pay for all this, which results in the native English not being able to afford children themselves.

And isn't it always that when Islam attacks the West in the form of a Muslim running over innocent people with a bus, killing children with a homemade bomb or whatever else they happen to have on hand to murder infidels, that the local Muslims always stand wide-eyed and innocent-looking saying, "I know he is a Muslim but I don't know what mosque he went to. We Muslims in this area are totally shocked. We condemn terrorism totally and we totally condemn what happened today."

This - their answer - is called Taqiyya. Taqiyya is lying, which is allowed under Sharia law.  However, if asked, a Muslim would lie about that, which is, as Raymond Ibrahim says, practicing "taqiyya about taqiyya".

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