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Friday, September 8, 2017

Update on Jack Phillips Religious Freedom for Bakers Case

The other day I posted about the attack on cake artist Jack Phillips. Thanks be to God the Justice Department is weighing in to support the religious right of the baker to refuse cakes for same sex weddings and other events that violate his religious beliefs. 

In major Supreme Court case, Justice Dept. sides with baker who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple

It's common sense (well, not so common these days) to say a Jew has a right to deny baking a cake with a swastika on it and a Muslim restaurateur has no obligation to serve bacon for breakfast. But the LGBTQ crowd demands special rights and the rest of us better just shut up or face their wrath. 

Defend religious rights. If LGBTQ activists can ruin a baker today for refusing to bake a cake for a same sex wedding they can sue the Church tomorrow for refusing to perform one.


Anonymous said...

Your links do not come through for me when I click on them, so I cannot read the whole article, but thank God finally for a judge who has common sense. The man who took money from the old woman by destroying her business should have to pay her back too. She did nothing wrong to him from all the reports I have seen.

Anonymous said...

I'm a die-hard liberal activist and I can honestly say that from my quick perusal of your page, we don't agree on much. However, we do agree on this. I believe that private, independent business owners should have the right to refuse service. The consequences of those actions may cost them customers (for example, I would not patronize this person's business, knowing that he refuses service to gay couples seeking wedding cakes) but that is his or her right as a private business owner. The difference is in corporations, which are not people, nor are the private, despite recent attempts in legislature and court decisions to make them so (how can a corporation, run by a board and owned by shareholders be "for" a political candidate? only the SCOTUS knows...). So I agree that this man should be able to bake cakes for those he chooses, and refuse those he doesn't want, and live with the word of mouth that gets him. Most of my liberal friends agree with me, based on your very good examples -- which of us would want to "bake a cake" for a Nazi? We will have to see what the court decides.