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Thursday, September 28, 2017

What will Pope Francis do about Rohingyas in Myanmar?

Pope Francis will make an Apostolic Journey to Myanmar from November 27-30 and to Bangladesh from November 30 to December 2, 2017. While there he will more than likely tell Aung San Suu Kyi, who is akin to Prime Minister, not the leader of Myanmar, what to do about the Rohingya, who are Muslims. His advice will be exactly what it is back in Italy. "Make it as easy as possible to have migrants and refugees cross your borders legally. Let them have citizenship and equal rights with all other citizens. Give them benefits and the right to vote."

The Vatican Radio website says the following: "The logo for his visit to Myanmar depicts Pope Francis releasing a white dove from within a heart drawn in the colors of Myanmar’s flag: yellow, green, and red. An outline [in rainbow colors] of 
Myanmar’s landmass sits beside the Pope within the heart, while the motto for his journey is shown above: Love & Peace.

"The logo for Pope Francis’ visit to Bangladesh has colored streamers in the shape of a dove, with a cross raised over a water lily (Bangladesh’s national flower) within it. Above, the official motto for the Apostolic Journey, Harmony and Peace, is written in red."

When has Islam ever lived with love, peace and harmony? It can't live harmoniously within itself (Sunni and Shiite), much less with any other religion or non-Islamic peoples and countries.

There are a few things that Pope Francis needs to know before he ad libs to the press on his on his aeroplane.
1. Myanmar, unlike most other countries, does not automatically give citizenship to a person born there.
2. Myanmar has 2 governments - the military and the political. Aung San Suu Kyi does not have power over the military.
3. The Rohingyas themselves have a bloody history to answer for.
4. Myanmar is trying to defend its country, customs and culture from Islam, because Myanmar, unlike the Pope and the West, especially Europe, know that once implanted firmly on soil, Islam will devour everything in its path, and in the end Myanmar will be an Islamic state.

The Rohingya situation in Myanmar, Bangladesh and India with four different major religions - Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam - is like the Balkan situation of the 1990's with Catholics, Orthodox and Islam - very confusing to say the least. But let's go back further to the 1915 Armenian Genocide where a million and a half Christians were wickedly starved and murdered by Muslims. That was hugely ignored by the press then, and in 2015 at the 100th anniversary. Where was the outrage then? Where is the outrage today when millions of Christians are driven from their lands, tortured, crucified, beheaded? 

It seems that when Islam is doing the killing the world thinks it isn't all that bad, but when someone else is killing Muslims, in this case Rohingya Muslims, it's a world wide scandal that needs the Pope's help. Killing innocent people is always wrong, no matter who they are or what their religion is, and the Rohingya jihadists themselves are responsible for burning Hindu villages, killing the men, capturing women and children, forcing conversions to Islam - the 1400-year age old drill. It isn't a furtive secret that Myanmar doesn't want Islam in their country to dominate their future.

Below are several comments from various websites. As usual, normal people see this situation far better than the Pope or the media.
"Yup. I check CNN every day. And every day there is an article about those poor, persecuted Rohingya. They have achieved the pinnacle of global victim hood. Pity money will begin to flow. The new cause celebre. Mark my words, there will soon be a travelling global musical festival for their benefit. I bet it’s in the works right now… And support for the Rohingya will grow. Facts no longer matter. It’s too late for those."

"4 years ago I traveled Burma extensively. The Islamic expansion project can be witnessed in every city, despite open rejection by the local Buddhists. The project is financially supported by the rich Arabs from the gulf states. There are mosques in every city where the muezzin calls to prayer 5 times a day. It came as quite a surprise that we saw so many Arab soldiers of Allah with long beards and kaftans, in the usual agitated way working towards the spread of Islam. I think the term missionary bandit would be quite appropriate."

"India appears to understand the threat better than does the West–in this case, at least."

"Here are some BITTER facts that the authorities and the MSM are not telling us about these Rohingyas: Around 200 new Rohingya babies are added to their population of 40,000 EVERYDAY… One Rohingya family has an amazing 20 CHILDREN and the reproduction is still going on. Finally, an estimated 15,000 Rohingya women are pregnant of these 40,000. Just see how fast they breed and become a burden to their host. And what about their contribution to our economy? Are they going to be doctors or lawyers or scientists? Surely they are going to get brainwashed in Madrasa against Hindus!!"

"The Rohingya breed, literally, like rabbits and that is the core problem. Multiple wives are common, and families of 10 children are the norm. The men are violently opposed to birth control, for ‘religious reasons’. The Buddhists of Myanmar are very well aware of what happened to the Buddhists of Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Indonesia. They became a minority due to Muslim over breeding, and were then annihilated in genocides. The Rohingya were expanding their Muslim no-go zone in Myanmar via terrorism and insurgency. The Buddhists of Myanmar pushed back. The world condemns the Buddhists for surviving, and treats the rapidly breeding Rohingya and their explicit tactic of demographic conquest as blameless. When Muslims in a crowded non-Muslim country breed like rabbits, villages will burn. The only question is whose villages? The Buddhists chose survival of their culture and people and for this they are condemned. China implemented a 1-Child policy instead of invading its neighbors due to overpopulation. It is time for the Muslim world to do the same, instead of flooding the world with ‘refugees’ who have multiple wives and a dozen children."

"No. Vetting simply does not work. Once this lot cross the border into your lands it’s too late."

"Heed this warning from the United Kingdom’s experience. No amount of vetting can tell what is really in the hearts of these refugees, and more often than not they hate and despise their host community. Let them go to any Muslim-majority country they can find to take them. Giving any Muslim asylum is just creating problems for future generations of your countrymen."

"Yeah–the idea that allowing Jihadists to pour into your country could possibly be an issue is obvious ridiculous…sarc/off"

"Look at here in the United Kingdom for an example of a cautionary tale to be heeded. The parents of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi were given asylum in this country after claiming to be fleeing persecution in Libya. He was born here. The family were given free housing, education, heathcare, money etc. Result of our kindness and generosity… 22 dead and countless more injured. Meanwhile this so-called ‘moderate’ family are back in the ME causing mayhem as the violent Islamic terrorists they really are. The Parson’s Green tube bomber came here as a ‘child’ refugee. And that’s before I mention the countless knife attacks, people mown down by vehicles, the industrial scale raping of our 
children by Muslim gangs up and down the land."

Perfectly printed messages on glossy placards -
this is the media for sure using these people for
propaganda purposes
And finally, here is a comment from a bleeding heart liberal who has no understanding of Islam. Read it and tear your hair out.

In her answer to this statement - "Strikes me as odd that neither Suu Kyi nor her government has issued a strong statement regarding Myanmar’s justification for the military action taken so far to defend itself against the Jihad which is at the core of the problem" - the liberal says the following:

I think the reason Suu Kyi has been silent is that she does not yet control what the Army there does.

And secondly because there IS a mini genocide and ethnic cleansing going on there.

Rohingyans immigrated to Rakhine from Bangladesh from around the 14th to the 18th centuries, A.D. So today’s Rohingyans were born there and ought to be Myanmarese citizens. But they have been denied their basic human rights. There have been efforts at driving them out of Myanmar recently too, as in 1990-91. They live in intolerable conditions, in abject poverty, severely discriminated and ostracized. So naturally there will be insurrections and revolts and Jihadis have occupied that space recently.

So while, of course, Jihadism is a serious problem everywhere, innocent civilians are generally not attacked and harmed in retaliation. This latest genocidal attacks on the Rohingyans by the Army happened when 12 soldiers were killed by the ARSA jihadis (Rohingyas).

But does that mean civilians are a legitimate target for retaliation for terror attacks? Since when? Did the French Army descend upon its Muslim population and burn down their houses and mosques and send them across the border by indiscriminately shooting civilians after the Paris and Nice attacks?

Did the Spanish Army do the same after the recent car attack there? The UK, USA, Belgium, Germany? But why not?

Because they are civilized nations, following humanitarian principles which says that no one should be punished for a crime committed by another. Why should moral standards applicable to the USA, UK or Europe not be so for Rohingyans?

Myanmar should join the community of civilized nations and stop brutalizing its own people, grant citizenship and basic human rights to people born on its soil. That would be a proper civilized thing to do. I think the Buddha would agree. Unfortunately the army’s actions there is providing easy fuel to the Jihadi cause. Keeping the relentless fight against the evil of Islamic Jihadism going on, of course.

And India ought to provide refuge to persecuted people, irrespective of religion or ethnicity, as the rest of the civilized world does, after vetting them, of course. Myanmar should take back its own people and not impose burdens on others. They need to rectify their own self-created problems and start treating non-Jihadi Muslims as normal human beings with rights.
Below are several articles on the Myanmar Rohingya problem.


Mark Millward said...


I don't doubt that there is more than a grain of truth in what you report in your blog post. It does the cause no good at all when egregious and extremely obvious mathematical errors are printed:

"Here are some BITTER facts that the authorities and the MSM are not telling us about these Rohingyas: Around 200 new Rohingya babies are added to their population of 40,000 EVERYDAY… One Rohingya family has an amazing 20 CHILDREN and the reproduction is still going on. Finally, an estimated 15,000 Rohingya women are pregnant of these 40,000"

If this is correct then total annual birth rate of Rohingya would be 365 x 200 = 73,000. This is nearly twice the stated Rohingya population of 40,000. Surely some mistake? Its not even a mistake concerning the number of zeros shown (i.e. perhaps the person quoted meant 20 births per day, not 200. In which case total births would be 7,300 / year). If 15,000 Rohingya women are pregnant now, then mortality in the womb would need to be very high (possible, but needs evidence) in order for annual births to number 7,300.

My point is not to dispute the purpose of your article. I get it, the Pope and other liberals peddle a grossly over-simplified weepathon. But we won't win the argument if our facts are not correct and particularly when school yard math is capable of undermining the numbers presented! Please, we need to do better, all the time! And, we still must be charitable, even when we have facts on our side. Rohingya are made in the image of God as well.

Keep up the otherwise great work, I enjoy your blog everyday!

Susan Matthiesen said...


Thanks for the input. I did not do the math. Perhaps the person who commented meant 400,000 Rohingya, perhaps they meant every YEAR or MONTH. However whatever the figure, I think we can agree that the intent is to give the impression that Muslims' birth rate is enormously high, especially given that one man can have as many as 4 wives and the women all can be pregnant at the same time. Each wife can have a baby a year. Four children per year multiplied by say, 10 years would be 40 children for one man in the span of a decade.

If 1/4 of 40,000 (the actual figure is different in every article - some say 95,000, another 100,000, one article says 900,000 have fled to Bangladesh, etc) are adult males, there would not be enough Rohingya women (because 20,000 of the 40,000 are children) for each adult male to have 4 Muslim/Rohingya wives therefore they take infidel women for wives - Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Not counting 30,000 kafir infidels would make the per year figure mentioned above more real.

Yes, Muslims are made in the image of God. The people themselves are not what is in question, here or anywhere - it's ISLAM. The RELIGION. Islam is NOT of God. It is NOT an Abrahamic faith because Allah is not the Judeo/Christian God. ISLAM is evil and wicked. It is ISLAM that is not wanted in Myanmar.

But as we all know, ISLAM does not waft through the air; it is a RELIGION that people hold in their minds and hearts which turns a human person made in the image of God into the image of Muhammad. It is these Islamic people who carry the sword of the prophet wherever they go and destroy everything in its path. Myanmar does not want to become an Islamic country.

Multicultural societies run by liberals (Europe and Canada) very soon will be Islamic countries. As for the Pope - he is delusional as far as Islam is concerned. One cannot make a deal with the devil (ISLAM) and get fairness in return... or... "You can be full of love and kindness, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog."

Myanmar knows that. The Pope still has lessons to be learned.