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Monday, September 25, 2017

When Did a Man Putting on Makeup to Look Like a Woman become a Qualification for Public Office?

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall has a transgender man running against him making his faux womanhood a running issue. And he's getting money from all over the country. Folks, we need to support Bob Marshall. Please don't let the LGBTQXYZ lobby put this confused individual in the State House. Read what the transgender lobby is doing to our schools here and here and here. Do you really want transgenders making laws imposing homosexual and transgender ideology on your little ones?

And really! Since when is putting on women's makeup a qualification for becoming a legislator? This is an insult to the electorate!

Please send Bob Marshall a donation today and support his reelection campaign. We need Bob in the General Assembly!

And frankly, I really question whether there are "millions of transgenders" in this country. This is a very vocal minority that represents a tiny fraction of the less than three percent of the homosexuals. They bang the drum constantly, but that doesn't change the reality that they are a tiny minority suffering from a disordered sexual identity crisis. Pray for them, but don't let them make policy for your state or for our country!


Diane said...

There are no more "millions" of mentally ill people under the delusion that they are the sex opposite from their biological (ie real) sex than there are millions of mentally ill people under the delusion that they are King Henry VIII - although if they were given sufficient money, attention and encouragement no doubt there would be more of the these. The true numbers that are never publicly bandied about are the quota of Freemasons and blackmailable underlings strategically placed in every town and city in the world pushing the satanic mandate of undermining the family and civil society so as to control the world and unseat Christ the King. The former becomes easier and easier every day given the idiocy of modern man. Good luck with the latter, cretins!

Susan Matthiesen said...

He went to St Bonaventure University in NY. What did he learn there?

Mike Hadro said...

Now Danica is quoting St. Francis De Sales in support.