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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anglican Nuns Enter Catholic Church...

...and hardly anybody notices. (Hat tip to Terry Nelson at Abbey Roads.)

Anglican nuns praised for joining Catholic Church

Bill Donohue had an amusing take on the media blackout: 
So why isn’t this “historic event” being publicized? Imagine the media reaction if on New Year’s Day 12 renegade Anglican nuns had held a press conference in their street clothes announcing their intent to join a dissident Catholic order so they can press for gay marriage and women priests! It would have been front-page news. And had they rented an oversized luxury bus to haul them around town, that would have been world news. But because these are humble orthodox nuns, who eschew media gimmicks, there is a news blackout. 
- Catholic League
I love the Anglican use. When we were last in Houston we attended an Anglican use parish where a big home schooling community meets. The Mass was lovely and reverent and the chant beautiful. May many more of our Anglican brothers and sisters come home to Rome!

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Jeannie Holler said...

Thanks be to God!
Welcome Home ....