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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Safe, Legal Abortion": What a Myth

Mississippi is likely to close its last abortion mill. Why? Because it's dangerous to women! Mississippi requires doctors to have hospital privileges and apparently nobody wants to accommodate the out-of-state fly-in abortionists. They were turned down by five hospitals and didn't even approach the two religiously-affiliated institutions The owner, who has other mills (hey, abortion is a goldmine), is very familiar with health violations. There were 76 pages of them at her facility in Birmingham. Read the article at LifeSiteNews linked above. Abortion doesn't just kill babies; abortionists kill and injure women as well. They really are the bottom feeders of the medical community.

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Anonymous said...

Now they will fly over to Ireland and "bug" the hell our of the Irish. Don't they get it when they are not wanted. They should just "bug out", and take the same-sex marriage backers with them off to some weird island. I am sorry, but I am so fed up with hearing from the Culture of Death I could scream and just wish they would all disappear.