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Monday, January 28, 2013

The "Pro-Choice" Gang Admit It: It's a Baby; So What!

The article in Salon is here and it's so sickening I could hardly read it. Although, it's not the first time I've heard the argument. Back in the 70s when I talked to an abortionist, Thomas Gressinger, at one of our trials, he admitted it was a baby and said exactly that, "Sure it's a baby, so what?" He would kill a baby for any reason if the woman wanted it and had the money to pay for it.

Pro-abortion folks like the woman who wrote the Salon article are literal or figurative killers. They either kill babies personally or they approve of and consent to baby-killing by others. They may posture as kind and compassionate people; the reality is that they are Hannibal Lecter posturing as Mother Teresa. The new approach is just more Planned Parenthood propaganda hiding behind the lie of a mother's decision. But why should a mother be allowed to kill her child just because of his or her dwelling place? If a mother kills her newborn, smashing the baby into the wall, it's murder. It's no less murder when the baby is ripped up or poisoned in the womb.

Abortion has made our culture more violent and any honest person can see the relationship between  killing the unborn and committing violence against the born. Women are learning it the hard way when they are beaten up and murdered by boyfriends because they REFUSE abortions. But coerced abortion is okay with Planned Parenthood which is deeply involved in covering them up especially incest and statutory rape.

Here's Planned Parenthood's new propaganda video. It's diabolical in its lying obfuscation. Abortion IS a simple situation. You don't kill innocent people, because that's MURDER. And don't let the liars fool you. It's almost never done for a "medical situation." It's almost always about a social problem.


Anonymous said...

This is such a conflicting issue and while I admire your very black and white stance, I have a hard time sharing it. While I would never have an abortion and can not imagine every encouraging someone else to do so, I also have had several miscarriages and do not grieve those as lost children. There is a very real difference to me between those miscarriages and the other children I carried to term. I also do not see what difference it will make if abortion becomes illegal. There are ads in newspapers from the 1800s for "menstral corrections" and I have letters from my great-great grandmother asking her sister if she knew of any way to "keep a baby from catching" - both long before it was ever legal. I am not trying to engage you in a debate as I know your views are very strong, but I read the article and can relate to much of what the author is saying. Yes, there is life at conception. But I don't feel it is the same as when it is no longer dependent on the mother and I do not think that criminalizing abortion will make it go away. I will not comment again.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, it seems to me that one can use the same rationale to go into a dark room and shoot someone you can't see and don't know. You would hardly have much emotional response to the killing, but it would be murder nonetheless. I've worked in crisis pregnancies and sidewalk counseled enough to understand a lot about what drives women to seek abortions. That's why I'm there to help. But if a woman can cold-bloodedly kill her eight or nine month baby in the womb, why not kill her eight or nine hour old baby after birth? Feelings have very little to do with it. It's a question of civil rights. Think of it from the baby's point of view and you may see things differently. The woman's shoes aren't the only ones people should walk in. How about the tiny baby booties?

Ray Schneider said...

Black and white stance huh ... how about if they were bigger and born? I get so angry at people who are intentionally ignorant about the nature of existence that they can write this kind of drivel.

A baby is a human being no matter how small or where he or she is residing. That's obvious. If you don't believe it, then wait and see ... oh yeah, it's a baby.

So stop pretending ... if you think it is all right to kill the child then you're complicit in the murder of human beings. That's not "black or white" that's called reality.

Language usage doesn't trump reality but it does let phonies evade it.

This is a moral vacuum of immense proportions.