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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sebelius Wants to Test Anthrax Vaccine on Kids

Hmm...anthrax for kids!
Why not?
Kathleen Sebelius, who was an enthusiastic supporter of late-term abortionist George Tiller has carried her anti-child philosophy to a new level. She wants to test anthrax vaccines on kids -- for their own good, of course even though there isn't a single medical benefit for the children (an ethical requirement for experiments). But, hey, gotta collect data on the proper vaccine dosage just in case of an anthrax attack. big problem...maybe parents won't go along with it.'s an a premium and get all the inner-city poor minority families to sell/volunteer their kids. Since abortion hasn't killed enough of them off, this offers a new opportunity to get rid of people Margaret Sanger considered "human weeds." No doubt they could partner with Planned Parenthood who always has a hand out for the federal bucks.

Is anybody surprised that the Obama administration wants to use children as the new lab rats? After all, chimpanzees and other animals are much more valuable than children in the liberal mindset. According to the New York Times, NIH is retiring its chimp research program and sending all the precious little critters to sanctuaries, so obviously a new experimental subject is necessary.  Why not kids? After all there are too many people on the planet and if a few of the experiments result in death, all the better for the health of Mother Earth.

The only time children have value to liberals is when they can be used to advance gun control or serve as cute little stage props. It's not a new technique. Have you ever noticed the fundraising appeals from hospitals that do abortions? They often use their neo-natal units in the materials with adorable little preemies whose lives are celebrated. They never include the pictures of the "unwanted" babies down the hall who were killed by abortion. Fairfax Hospital was notorious for that approach. Haven't seen their materials in awhile, but I suspect they are still at it. Whatever works, eh?


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what most decent people think. Let's try it on HER. In saner times, this woman would have been thrown out of office, better yet she would never have been elected.

Anonymous said...

Throw this evil politician to Mehcad Brooks. He is good at pimping out women, and Sebelius is just one of his and Obama's madams used to sucker in the naive, poor or just plain immoral. The naive and poor, hopefully, God will save from their clutches, but the just plain immoral and Godless will get exactly what they deserve.