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Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Contraception, Stupid! It's Fatal to the Faith!

Yup, a root cause of our crumbling society is contraception. Mike Voris pegs it. All the sexual deviancies have their foundation in the rejection of the truth that sexual union and procreation are inextricably connected and cannot be separated without creating a spiritual explosion equivalent to splitting the atom.

Are you unsure about contraception? Read both Humanae Vitae and Fr.John Hardon's article Contraception: Fatal to the Faith. If you are practicing contraception you are in danger of hell. If you are promoting contraception to others, you are in danger of hell. Medical professionals who prescribe and dispense contraceptives are in danger of hell. That is the hard truth. We will be marching on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but Roe was an aftershock of the real earthquake, Griswold v. Connecticut. I remember a statement from one of my Natural Family Planning (NFP) students. "I was on the way to hell, and NFP saved my life." God made us in a way that allows the spacing of children. The Church teaches that couples may use NFP for serious reasons. When I had cancer and was on chemotherapy at age 39, NFP allowed my husband and me to comfort each other in sexual intimacy without fearing we would endanger a child's life. NFP and the Church's teaching on marriage and sexuality are not punishments; they are part of the good news. Embrace Church teaching on this issue that is so central to who we are as body/spirit persons. Like my young friend realized, the freedom you experience is life and soul-saving!

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Anonymous said...

"The Church teaches that couples may use NFP for serious reasons." s/b "...well-grounded reasons." per the current translation available on the Vatican website.