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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Groupon Discriminates against Second Amendment Businesses

The deal-maker Groupon has taken the anti-gun side of the gun debate by canceling the deal offered by a Texas gun dealer for a reduced cost gun class. According to an AOL report, Groupon has suspended all gun-related deals. Ironically, this took place after a Groupon rep called the gun dealer to increase the number of deals from 600 to 1500 because of demand. You can let Groupon know just what you think about their discrimination against the second amendment by contacting them here (support group) or here (investor relations).   

On a related subject, The Wanderer has a great front page article in the January 17th issue titled, "Obama's America Turns Meek Me into a Gun Owner" by my friend Dexter Duggan who lives in the Phoenix area where violence related to illegal immigration is rampant. Dexter speaks for many of us when he says, "Obama...has transformed me." He means, of course, that Obama has transformed him into a gun owner:
I bought the gun for personal protection. I'd always relied on a guardian angel for a home where many prayers are said. Still, I locked the doors. After someone tried to break into my house four years ago, I bought a protective door to replace the wooden one that was shoved in.... 
Dexter discusses the collapse in moral values that have led to increased violence in the country reaching a zenith under the current administration:
Barack Obama dotes on, campaigns on, and promotes the Culture of Death, whose vulture eggs hatch more frequently every year it seems, since Roe v. Wade began to foul the nest exactly 40 years ago. The United States didn't have random shootings du jour when baby boomers grew up. 
Frankly, I was becoming concerned about people's welfare living in Obma's lawless America. And it's a pleasant sensation to buy a legal gun that you know Obama would like to yank out of your hands but can't. Not yet....Having to rely on Alinskyite government to provide us the public safety that it deigns suitable and sufficient is like waiting for Obama's Planned Parenthood angels of death to stop yanking apart infants.
I'm with Dexter on the gun issue. When our people were morally centered, guns were unnecessary for self-protection. That time is long gone!


Anonymous said...

Discrimination? You've got to be kidding me! But, sadly, I know you are not. Shaking my head.

c matt said...

How is it not discrimination? Discrimination = choosing among alternatives based upon a particular criteria. Everyone discriminates by necessity because no one can do all and have all simultaneously. Groupon chose not to offer coupons based upon the criteria of involement in gun related activities. That is by defintion discrimination. Depending on your point of view wrt gun ownership, that may or may not be laudable, but it is discrimination.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's what I received from Groupon. I hope others will write. If they keep this policy I'm off Groupon as soon as I spend what's in my account.

Hi Mary,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

We understand that this is a sensitive topic, and that some of our customers may not agree with our choice to pause the promotion of firearm-related deals. Groupon has always aimed to offer a diverse range of products and services to meet the various tastes and interests of our subscribers. However, at this time, enough customers and merchants have voiced their opinions that we believe a hiatus is warranted.

Please note that we have never sold guns, and this hiatus only applies to firearm-related deals including shooting ranges, clay pigeon shooting, and concealed weapons training classes. We have not made a final determination regarding this category -- we are simply taking a break and may reevaluate in the future.

If you'd still like to unsubscribe, you can do so by clicking "Unsubscribe from all Groupon emails" in your account at, or the "unsubscribe with one click" link at the bottom of our daily emails.

We genuinely appreciate your opinion and the feedback you've given us. I'll be sure to share your comments with the appropriate people.


Kevin K.
Groupon Customer Support