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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ultrasound has Changed the Landscape on Abortion

Would a mother kill her two year old if he fell and injured his brain so badly he would never develop normally? Of course not! Parents deal with life. The idea of killing a baby in the womb because the baby is sick or not developing normally is no different. The only reason parents can kill their children in the womb is they are invisible to them. But ultrasound has changed that as this bittersweet story shows:

Mother Rejects Abortion After Seeing Baby’s Smile in Ultrasound:
Katyia Rowe was told her baby would never be able to walk or talk, but a real-time ultrasound scan showed him blowing bubbles and waving his arms, so she decided to go through with the birth. he died just 9 hours later, but she is very glad she chose life instead of abortion.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling these stories.
My daughter has a close friend who found out during her pregnancy that the baby had abnormalities and would most likely not survive. She was given options, but chose to carry the child, trusting in God the whole time. Sadly, the baby died in the 34th week, a beautiful little boy. We were simply amazed at her courage and faith, not to take matters in her own hands, but trust in God's timing.