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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Peter Kreeft's Conversion Story

What better way to explore the Catholic faith than to listen to conversion stories? Peter Kreeft is a favorite writer of mine, a philosophy professor at Boston College. I never knew he was a convert. Today I listened to his conversion story. If you want to be able to defend the reason for the hope that is within you, listen to Peter Kreeft's story. He came to the faith through exercising his intellect and trying to overcome what he considered temptations to his Protestant faith.

The Catholic faith is reasonable. Those who want to portray Catholicism as anti-intellectual don't understand the Catholic faith. Of course, there are mysteries; we cannot understand everything. If we could, then God would not be God. But our faith is reasonable. It is also beautiful as Kreeft indicates when he talks about the beauty of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Catholicity of Shakespeare's plays, and the angelic quality of Palestrina's music.

Rejoice at being a Catholic. And if you aren't one, don't wait another minute to begin exploring the wonder that is the Catholic Church. Don't deny yourself the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharistic or your presence with us in fellowship. We're waiting for you!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of the truth, goodness & beauty of our Faith!