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Monday, January 28, 2013

Sounds Like the Boy Scouts are about to Cave

Boy Scouts may soon welcome sodomite leaders

Excluding same-sex attracted men from being Scout leaders is not an issue of "civil rights" or discrimination; it's common sense. The fact is that almost 40% of child sex abuse is committed by homosexuals who represent 2% of the population. That means, if you take a random group of men from the pool of homosexual men and an equal group from the heterosexual population, you are much likelier to have abusers among the homosexuals than among the heterosexuals. When my boys were young I would no more put them in a troop with a gay leader than I would send them to the store with a shoplifter. Even if the homosexual is not a molester, his view of the world is skewed and he is an unhealthy masculine role model..

No matter how much the world tries to make homosexuality normal, it isn't. It isn't normal to pretend that another guy's anus is a woman's vagina. And no matter how many people buy into the homosexual's imaginary world, it is still an imaginary world. Pray for those with same-sex inclinations. They aren't normal and, if they indulge in their fantasies, they put both their physical health and their spiritual health in jeopardy. And pray for the Boy Scouts. If they change this policy they may very well be on the way to extinction.


Terry Nelson said...

They have sold out - literally - it's all for the money.

What a shame.

Old Bob said...

I pray to God they don't cave in.
Your comments are right on the mark; God save up from Political Correctness!

Dymphna said...

The Boy Scouts have a rule that no man is to be alone with any boy. I wonder if that will be dropped.