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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will Bill Bolling be a Spoiler in Virginia's Governor Race?

Bill Bolling Still Looking at Independent Run for Governor

Will Bolling embrace the role of spoiler? I hope not, but the only thing bigger than a politician's ego, is his capacity for revenge. If Bolling runs, he will probably siphon off votes from Cuccinelli and damage his chances while giving Clinton acolyte Terry McAuliffe a better chance to win. But that is so typical of these establishment Republicans. They would rather damage a conservative's chances of winning than let the Republicans of Virginia select their candidate. Who do the hoi polloi think they are anyway?

Bolling, is nothing but a sore loser who got angry when Cuccinelli threw a wrench into his backroom deal with Bob McDonnell to be the next governor. Every other potential candidate was supposed to "get in line" behind him. Frankly, I want a real conservative and Bill Bolling doesn't fill the bill. Expediency is his philosophy which he presented when he talked about "respecting" the opinions of "pro-choice" Republicans. How does a pro-lifer respect the opinion of someone who supports killing babies in the womb? Where's our "common ground" pray tell? Just kill (fill in the blank) babies?

Politicians like Bolling want the social issues to go away so they can just run on economics. That was Romney's LOSING strategy. The social, moral issues are the ones that matter. And as our society sinks more and more into moral depravity, people will begin to wake up and see that as a fact.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

We had one of those in Maryland a few years ago. Wayne Gilcrist was a RINO who represented MD's 1st Congressional District in Washington. After years of pro-lifers trying to unseat him, they did so in the person of Andy Harris (at the time he was Minority Leader in MD State Senate). Andy defeated Gilcrist in the GOP primary. Gilcrist turned around and endorsed the Democrat in the general election. That and some "mysterious bags of votes" gave the election to the Democrat. Two years later, though, Andy went to Washington. I surely hope the MD GOP has made it clear that Gilcrist is no longer welcome in its ranks. I hope Boling learns from Gilcrist's fate.

Ray Schneider said...

The basic reality is that the Republican party is seriously split between those that are largely indistinguishable from Democrats in terms of policy and those that are conservative on moral, social, and economic issues.

The grassroots is very conservative but much of the establishment (those in power) are not and therein lies the issue. I often think it is an old money versus new money issue. The new money people earned their way up and still have conservative free market values. The old money people inherited their money and position, feel a little guilty about it, but also feel they're better than everyone else and look down their noses at the grassroots and tend to be a good deal more liberal.

We need to get rid of the politics of personality and start developing the politics of principle and virtue. Failing that we'll just be a Democrat echo and that's a fail.