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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

They're Coming: Obama Brings on the Community Organizers

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Moral corruption is coming bigtime! Alinsky organizing is based on Machiavellian principles. The primary goal is "success" and any means to achieve it is justified. Now the Obamas are launching a new community organizing group and you can bet it will use all the immoral Alinsky strategies that have worked so effectively for them in the past. The first lady is pushing it and you better believe she has no problem with an obese federal government consuming the middle class and the Constitution.

Community organizing is about one thing: POWER! And it isn't power to the people, despite the pretense. It's power to the organizers using the people as their ramrod. (Remember history. Tyrants ALWAYS use the mob. Just look at the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, the Nazis rise to power, not to mention the Arab Spring.

Stephanie Block has a blockbuster three-part book on Alinsky organizing published at You need to know what the enemy is doing to destroy America. Stephanie peels back the layers to show the corrupt heart of Obama's machine. If you love America, study her book and fight the modern day "Prince" in the White House who rules with "Cleopatra" (Michelle's new look ) by his side.

Vol. 1: Change Agents - A Brief History
Vol. 2: Change Agents - Systemic Reform
Vol. 3: Change Agents - Ideology

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Anonymous said...

God is stronger than Saul Alinsky, and in the end all these people will go down in infamy in history if they do not change their ways. Of that I have no doubt. What will happen to them after death will be far worse than anything that can happen to them on earth.