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Monday, January 7, 2013

Reality is Painful, But Kinda Funny

Obama's supporters are mad, really mad. After all, they thought he was only going to sock it to the "rich" but the lightbulb went on with their latest paychecks.

The reality is there aren't enough rich folks. Even if you taxed them at 100% and took everything, you would hardly make a dent in the deficit. Most people (at least people paying income taxes) are in the middle class. When liberals look at the vast pool of potential payers, their eyes shine with dollar signs. As for the rich, they will be looking for ways to escape and politicians will continue to offer them plenty of loopholes because they contribute big bucks to politicians. The fiscal cliff and Hurricane Sandy bills were filled with pork for politician pals. 

Wake up, silly liberals. Politicians use class envy to fool you and then they punch you in the gut. And when hyper inflation hits, you may very well be living below the poverty level. So welcome to reality. This is just the beginning! Stock up on rice, beans, oatmeal before the real crunch. Oh...and buy seeds for the garden. You'll need them.

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