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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ah...St. Teresa., Happy Feast Day

And thank you for writing all those lovely Communion meditations. Help me to be more still and silent and composed after Communion and inspire me with blessed thoughts like yours.
O God of my soul, how quick we are to offend You, and with how much greater speed You pardon us! What could be the cause, Lord of such foolish boldness? Is it because we have already understood Your great mercy and that we forget how just is Your Justice? The sorrows of death encompass Me.  Oh, oh, oh, how serious a thing is sin, that it was enough to cause the death of God and to afflict Him with so much suffering! And even now, my God, You are surrounded by these pains! Where can You go so that they will not torment You! Everywere mortals are wounding you. 
O Christians! Now is the time to defend your Kin and to keep Him cmpany in His great solitude; there are so few vassals who remain with Him and such a great multitude that follow Lucifer. And the worst of it is that they show themselves to be friends in public, and sell Him out in secret. There is hardly anyone who can be found that He can trust. O true Friend, how badly are You repaid by the one who betrays You! O true Christians! Help out by weeping for your God.
Ah, St. Teresa, help us to love God as you did. Help us to have the zeal of true friends of Jesus.

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