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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Government Backs Down Over Impending Religious Liberty Lawsuit

Government Capitulates—Catholic Priest Allowed to Hold Religious Services at Naval Base Again; Chapel Doors Open to Catholic Parishioners

Now if only the Republican in the House would do this. How about suing the Executive Branch for changing elements in Obamacare. They have no authority to make law. That is Congress' power and it is unconstitutional for the Executive Branch to legislate. 

The Republican establishment is pathetic. Every Republican who votes to give Obama everything he wanted and to reopen the government should lose in the next election. What the cave in means is that Obama will be embloldened by their cowardice. He will NEVER EVER NEGOTIATE. Why should he? He's proved that the cowards in Congress will blink if he just keeps digging in his heels and blaming the Republicans. The patriots in this country are being shafted once again by the establishment wonks. Boehner and McConnell should be pitched out in the next election. I hope patriots will line up to run against them. If it means the Democrats win, so be it. They are winning everything they want anyway with the help of these despicable men. And now they will once again give Obama a blank check for shafting the American people.

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