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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Idiotic Decision by the Feds

The Endangered Species Act is one more way the government puts environmental lobbies ahead of citizens. And here is the result.

Kids need special cages to protect them while they wait for the bus in western New Mexico. Environmentalists call it hype and claim there is little risk, but wolves have been sighted in the rural county. Wolves hunt in packs and kill deer and elk. Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho have been overrun since introduction of gray wolves in the 1990s. In fact, Yellowstone's elk herd has been decimated. In 1995 it numbered about 20,000; today it's down to 4,000. And there are no predators to control the wolf population.

But not to worry, folks. There have only been a handful of wolf attacks on humans in the past forty years, so just sign on to the plan to extend the roaming area for the Mexican gray wolf, cousin to the more common northern gray wolf. If they attack and kill a few kids, what the heck! Planned Parenthood rips up several thousand every week. We can surely spare a few to feed an endangered species. (Read more here.)

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