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Friday, October 11, 2013

Say It Ain't So! Is the GOP Really About to Give In to the Tyrant-in-Chief?

House GOP Preparing to Give Up Obamacare Fight

If they do, they'll be like the mom in the check-out line whose child is nagging her for candy. She says, "No!... No!...No!... No!... No!... No!... No!..."...and then in exasperation throws the candy on the conveyor saying, "Oh, all right!"

What did she just teach the little tyrant? Hold your ground until you get what you want no matter how unreasonable or bad for you.

If the GOP caves on this, they will NEVER win another election. The Democrats have entrenched fraud and bribes in the system and they will continue to give the goodies out to their supporters while siccing the IRS, Homeland Security, etc. on their political opponents.

This is why I NEVER give to an establishment group of the GOP. They are in the business of protecting their own jobs, perks, and privileges. Congressmen buy their seats on committees with fundraising for the establishment. (Ask a GOP Congressman how much he had to raise to get his committee assignment.). The system stinks! They've sold out the babies in the womb and every other vulnerable group that can't help them. Only a rare few are worth supporting.

God help us. Our "public servants" sure won't.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but there's nothing of value in the Demoncractic Party, so we better take over the GOP and make it work!