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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Government Shutdown Planned and Implemented to Demonize Republicans

Obama adviser ‘architect’ of showdown: author

Think of how cynical this is. Shutdown the government and go into default as a political game. That has been the Democrats' strategy in just about everything. The Republicans need to keep calling his bluff. I don't believe the country is so stupid they can't see that it's Obama who won't negotiate. The only satisfactory outcome for the Democrats is to get a one-party system where they make up all the rules and the Constitution be damned! Sad, but, like Joe Sobran said, "They're the evil party!" Only problem for us is that the Republicans are the stupid party. (Sigh.)


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think Jarrett is one of the puppet-masters behind Obama. Moreover, I think some in the GOP are in on it and are merely playing stupid. Pardon my paranoia.

DisturbedMary said...

In the face of pure evil, most men are either paralyzed or cooperate with it. Only our God can rescue us.