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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Of Obama's Game Playing: Don't Mess with the Vets!

The Democrats are experts at playing games. There was absolutely NO need to close every monument in D.C. And how many times have you seen a park ranger along the C and O canal or at the local playground. This is nothing but a game, like closing the local Post Office and the rest stops on the highway, to make sure the most people are inconvenienced. When you see Obama cancel his latest vacation trip....Well, you get the picture. It's the typical tactic of the community organizer. And it's not Congress who is shutting down the government; it's the Democrats who are extremists committed to turning America into a socialist paradise. Obama would shut down everything (except Air Force One -- gotta have that airborne limo available for the New York night out -- to hold Americans hostage to Obamacare. 

Anyway, two thumbs up to these vets who traveled to D.C. to visit the W.W. II memorial and stormed the beachhead. They tore down the police tape and crossed the line set up by our venal and tyrannical president.  

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